by | Jan 18, 2024 | SSA Super Sedans

Official Release Wednesday 17th January 2024.

Despite a disappointing end to the 2024 SSA Super Sedan Tasmanian State Title, current South Australian Super Sedan Champion Callum Harper has a small lead in the National Super Sedan Series point standings after three completed rounds.

Newly crowned Tasmanian Champion Brad Pascoe has moved into second place in the standings and is one of the early entries for the 2024 The City of Albany SSA National Super Sedan Title to be held over the first weekend of March.

The NSSS National Super Sedan Series continues this weekend in conjunction with the $12,500 to win Super Sedan Grand Prix to be staged over two nights at the Gulf Western & Independent Oils Raceway in Tasmania.

Current Point Standings After Three Completed Rounds (Top Twenty)

1. T22 Callum Harper 146

2. Q1/T1 Brad Pascoe 125

3. Q98 Michael Hally 115

4. V1 Jamie Collins 115

5. V3 Mick Nicola 112

6. V23 Mick Nicola Jr 101

7. N1 Matt Pascoe 100

8. V57 Brock Atkins 95

9. A1 Trent Wilson 91

10. V0 Lucas Roberts 83

11. Q6 Zac Pascoe 80

12. V36 Todd Atkins 74

13. N47 Tyson Moon 74

14. Q10 Steve Jordan 73

15. Q26 Sean Black 73

16. Q11 Mitchell Gee 72

17. Q11 Rob Hamilton 72

18. Q48 JJ Hamilton 64

19. Q3 Matt Williams 59

20. T3 David Nichols 59