by | Dec 28, 2021 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

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The Pro1 Race Parts Holden Commodore of Mick Shelford has claimed victory in the 2021/2022 SSA Modified Sedan Queensland State Title held at the Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway on Monday Night.

Shelford took the lead from National Champion Kye Walters who lead for thirty seven of the forty laps.

Forty Nine SSA Modified Sedans from three different states descended on the high banked bullring for the first of many major events in Queensland for the class over the next month.

Three time Queensland Champion Aidan Raymont endured a tough night which ended with steering damage in the second of the B Main’s.

Walters & Brisbane’s Darran Lester shared the front row for the A Main which saw twenty four starters.

Shelford quickly moved into second as Kye Walters controlled the race at the front of the field.Rodney Pammenter, Lester & Victorian Matt Nelson enjoyed a great three car battle for third as the two leaders skipped clear.

Lap seventeen saw the first stoppage of the race when Pammenter crawled to a stop on the top side of the racetrack after sitting inside the top five.Victorian Shona Bent cans grief in turn four shortly after with Walters continued his slight advantage.

Darran Lester’s race came to an end on twenty four as former National Champion Greg Worling retired with a flat right from sixth place.

As the race came to its conclusion Shelford ranged up on the back of the True Design Homes Ford Falcon of Walters as the leaders worked their way through the lap traffic.Shelford took his opportunity on lap thirty seven hitting the lead with Walters immediately trying to fight back.

It would be a maiden Queensland State Title for Shelford claiming victory by 0.459 of a second with Matt Nelson a fine third.

Toowoomba local Nathan Macdonald drove a brilliant race to come from position twenty four to finish fourth ahead of brother Shane Macdonald who rounded out the top five.

SSA Modified Sedans head to the Archerfield Speedway on Wednesday 5th January 2022 for the Firecracker 1000.

Official Result of the 2021/2022 SSA Modified Sedan Queensland State Title

Final Point Score

  1. B59 Darran Lester 100
  2. A1 Kye Walters 95
  3. CR8 Rodney Pammenter 87
  4. CR54 Mick Shelford 87
  5. V61 Matt Nelson 84
  6. MK9 Gary Pagel 77
  7. N11 Greg Worling 76
  8. G87 Ty Francis 74
  9. T25 Adam Jorgensen 72
  10. V91 Shona Bent 69
  11. CR27 Shane Macdonlad 63
  12. T7 Brodie Boss 63
  13. MK22 Mason Cameron 56
  14. MK5 Kent Menzies 55
  15. CR14 Cameron Taylor 55
  16. CR72 Shane Langton 55
  17. SC22 Shannon Blackburn 52
  18. G27 Mark Raymont 51
  19. CR32 Nathan Macdonald 50
  20. BW18 Andrew Roberts 48
  21. RK42 Brenton Scott 47
  22. T28 Hayden Stephensen 47
  23. N81 Max Clarke 46
  24. MK19 Wayne Gilroy 44
  25. SB15 Pacey Clegg 43
  26. G28 Aidan Raymont 40
  27. N36 David Jacobi 40
  28. SC37 Craig Franz 38
  29. CR93 Jason Beer 34
  30. SB108 Alex Sweeney 34
  31. CN8 Scott Vella 33
  32. CR111 Peter White 33
  33. CR24 David Head 32
  34. V82 Shane Roycroft 31
  35. MK56 Darren Severs 31
  36. G18 Nigel Mulvena 31
  37. MK75 Myles Gilroy 28
  38. SB84 Dale Christensen 25
  39. G16 Jim Cowley 25
  40. SC23 Tim Atkin 22
  41. SC55 Steve Blackburn 21
  42. G23 Brendan Cowley 22
  43. CR66 Chris Evans 18
  44. SB193 Darren Ciesiolka 18
  45. B12 Jake Hawkins 17
  46. SB68 Luke Townsend 14
  47. CR99 Jordan Cunningham 13
  48. RK71 Kevin Young 12
  49. C97 Brendan Webber 3

B Main 1,15 Laps- 1. N36 David Jacobi, 2. T28 Hayden Stephensen, 3. CR32 Nathan Macdonald, 4. BW18 Andrew Roberts, 5. SB15 Pacey Clegg, 6. CR111 Peter White, 7. MK75 Myles Gilroy, 8. V82 Shane Roycroft, 9. CN8 Scott Vella, 10. G16 Jim Cowley, DNF SC55 Steve Blackburn (0), CR66 Chris Evans (0), B12 Jake Hawkins (0).

B Main 2, 15 Laps- 1. N81 Max Clarke, 2. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 3. SB108 Alex Sweeney, 4. G18 Nigel Mulvena, 5. SB84 Dale Christensen, 6. G23 Brendan Cowley, 7. SC37 Craig Franz, DNF CR24 David Head (13), RK42 Brenton Scott (8), MK56 Darren Severs (8), SB193 Darren Ciesiolka (7)

A Main, 40 Laps- 1. CR54 Mick Shelford, A1 Kye Walters, 3. V61 Matt Nelson, 4. CR32 Nathan Macdonald, 5. CR27 Shane Macdonald, 6. CR72 Shane Langton, 7. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 8. T25 Adam Jorgensen, 9. G27 Mark Raymont, 10. RK22 Mason Cameron, 11. MK9 Gary Pagel, 12. SC22 Shannon Blackburn, 13. CR14 Cameron Taylor, 14. N36 David Jacobi, 15. MK5 Kent Menzies (39), 16. G87 Ty Francis (39), 17. SB108 Alex Sweeney (39), DNF B59 Darran Lester (21), N11 Greg Worling (20), N81 Max Clarke (17), CR8 Rodney Pammenter (16), T7 Jason Boss (16), V91 Shona Bent (16), T28 Hayden Stephenson (16).