by | Feb 23, 2021 | SSA Modified Sedans, VIC

Press Release by Speedway Sedans Victoria

Saturday night Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway hosted their long running Simpson 1000 attracting 25 Modified Sedans including 2018/19 Australian Champion Kye Walters in his brand new AU Falcon.

Walters’ plans for the season never included debuting a new car mid way through but found it inevitable after travelling to race in Queensland and suffering car destroying damage during a heat race at Carina Speedway Bundaberg.

Martin Hawson and Wade McCarthy of Mildura both made the long trek to support the Victorian Modified Promotions Association sanctioned event along with Matt Nelson freshly returned from Queensland sporting the ex Brodie Boss Falcon and his other car being piloted by Shona Bent who normally would compete in Production Sedans.

Again, it was great to see so many of the new additions to this class  as the class has enjoyed a boom this year.  Newbies included Cameron Dike, Jay Nicolaisen, John Dike and Darcy Wilson who recently graduated from Junior Sedans making the jump up to Seniors and choosing Modified Sedans as his favoured class following in his father Anthony Wilson’s footsteps.

Heat race wins were shared between Wade McCarthy, Rachel Pratt, Martin Hawson and Aaron Bunton.  The line up for the start of the 25 lap final saw Alexandra youngster Ricky Cornwall who has been showing lots of promise recently off pole position alongside Nick Cockerill with the second row filled by Brock Atkins and Todd Atkins out of fourth position.

Several attempts at starts were made with Todd Atkins jumping into the lead each time until finally they managed to keep the momentum of the race going with Nick Cockerill chasing the younger Atkins down.  Further back it was fast and furious between Cornwall and Bunton as Cornwall was shuffled back unceremoniously through the field.

Bunton’s charge was halted early in the race when a gearbox failed leaving him on the infield.  Mover and shaker Martin Hawson also ended up on the infield when a front end component and tyre caused him to end up on the top of the track in turn four causing another stoppage.

Within a few laps of the start the older Atkins had made his way up to second position hunting down younger brother Todd.

Unable to pass the leader Brock Atkins had to be content to take out second place behind Todd Atkins and Wade McCarthy in third.  Kye Walters had made his way through the field from the back and secured fourth position ahead of Nick Cockerill.

This feature win is the second that youngster Todd Atkins has had this season after stepping into Modified Sedans last year.  He also won the Covid Challenge at Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway, Warrnambool on New Year’s Night.

Official Result

2021 Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson 1000 A Main, Twenty Five Laps- 1. HA36 Todd Atkins, 2. P0 Brock Atkins, 3. MDA6 Wade McCarthy, 4. AUST1 Kye Walters, 5. RDL11 Nick Cockerill, 6. SB61 Matt Nelson, 7. N37 Cameron Dike, 8. BGO56 Graham West, 9. GV94 Rachel Pratt, 10. AX15 Ricky Cornwall, 11. AX61 Shona Bent, 12. N15 Dale Hallett, DNF RDL45 Peter Walters (17), DNF B5 Darcy Wilson (17), DNF AV18 Chris Rieck (14), DNF NG87 Aaron Bunton (8), DNF MDA72 Martin Hawson (7), DNF AV14 Matt Gerlach (0)