by | Aug 21, 2023 | SSA Junior Sedans, WA

Dual State Champion Jaiden Santin has made the trip west worthwhile after taking victory in the 2023 RVS Holdings Tom Green Memorial Gold Cup for Junior Sedans held yesterday afternoon at the Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway.

Santin driving the Redline Rollcages Mitsubishi Mirage for the afternoon, held off the advances of Bunbury’s Jaxon Buszan to take the victory ahead of Buszan with Jackson Goodwin officially third in the ECTM Racing entry.

Fifty four Junior Sedans took part in the days proceedings at the daytime venue across the two classes competing on the day with competitors coming from around Western Australia for the event.

Ryder Nedelkovski hit the lead late in the twenty lap main event for the New Star Junior Sedans after Kalgoorlie’s Charlie Scott retired from the race within sight of the finish.

Ellenbrook locals Jamie Comley and Wyatt Van Der May rounded out the podium for the New Stars.

The Allwest Plant Hire Ellenbrook Speedway will be back in action on Sunday 3rd September when they host the RDA Production Sedan Classic.

Official Results of the 2023 RVS Holdings Tom Green Memorial for Junior Sedans

Top Stars

A Main, 20 Laps- 1. N1 Jaiden Santin, 2. W199 Jaxon Buszan, 3. W606 Jackson Goodwin, 4. W10 Mitch Binning, 5. W112 Jake Fisher, 6. W83 Kai Leeson, 7. W222 Kaden Harrison, 8. W22 Zak Turner, 9. W74 Locky Comley, 10. W56 Noah Bain, 11. W34 Baxter Trouchet, 12. W08 Tyler Scott, 13. W81 Oscar Amato, 14. W78 Colby Bosley, 15. W666 Sophie Goodwin, 16. W188 Jacob Hill, 17. W9 Levi Whittington, 18. W61 Syarra Parry, 19. W23 Wade Rhodes. DNF: W5 Jesse Hamon (18), W52 Joel Bowman (18), W18 Harrison Beres (12), W31 Jesse James Samuels (10), W82 Sophie Amato (9). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.738. Fastest Lap: 22.724 N1 Jaiden Santin.

New Stars

A Main, 20 Laps- 1. W94 Ryder Nedelkovski, 2. W75 Jamie Comley, 3. W20 Wyatt Van Der Mey, 4. W74 Maison Russell, 5. W23 Zahara Van Der Mey, 6. W14 Alyssa Whittington (18). DNF: W38 Tia Amato (18), W011 Charlie Scott (18), W95 Lara Edwards (18), W57 Riley Bain (18), W7 Madison McDonald (16), W33 Matilda Hull (16), W45 Baidyn Matthews (10), W22 Logan Dean (13), W5 Lucas Stevens (13), W78 Patrick Menghini (13), W65 Kiara Fitzgerald (7), W18 Reuben Walsh (0), W17 Xavier Crowe (0), W49 Levi Jenkins (0), W151 James Smith (0), W62 Addison Walsh (0). DQ: W34 Isabella Nylander. DNS: W66 Stix Owen, W77 Zak Robson. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.016. Fastest Lap: 23.379 W011 Charlie Scott.