Selleck Wins in Wine Country

by | Mar 3, 2020 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Article Courtesy of WA Modified Sedans

Brendan Selleck has tonight completed a great night of racing to claim the win in Round 5 of the Civil Hirings WA Modified Sedan Series at the Augusta-Margaret River Speedway. The event which was proudly presented by Performance Lubricants attracted a healthy field of drivers and again showed the class of WA Modified Sedan Racing.

Ashley Baker, Jeff Steele, Calon Ball, Paul Stevens, Brendan Selleck and Branden Fraser all shared the heat race victories throughout the night before Brendan Selleck would win the Southern Stump and Mulching Services Shootout.

Brendan Selleck would start the feature on pole position alongside Calon Ball who advanced from fourth in the shootout to the front row. Selleck would lead through the opening turns as third place starter Branden Fraser applied the pressure to Ball for second place.

The race would then settle into a rythym and over the next few laps two distinct battle packs would emerge, the top five of Selleck, Fraser, Ball, Paul Stevens and Branden Fraser, then the next five cars fighting it out a way back behind them.

The first yellow of the race would be for Coby Stevens who found herself spinning to a stop in turn four and although she was able to restart, Jayke Malcolm would become the first retiree as he headed infield with a flat tyre.

A few laps later the yellows would come on again, this time for Coby Stevens and Glen Harper who came together down the back straight with heavy contact, both cars out of the event.
Ashley Baker would also retire infield under this yellow light stoppage.

The race would resume, with Selleck, Ball and Fraser fighting it out in a close battle while Rick Musarra and Kevin Ellement would both retire on lap twelve, leaving seven cars on track.

Selleck began to stretch his legs a bit in the final stages and he would go on to claim a good win over Fraser and Ball. Paul Stevens would hold off Branden Fraser for fourth while Kim Williams and Sam McAuley rounded out the finishers.

The West Australian Modified Drivers Association committee thanks WA Supplier of Performance Lubricants, Rick Musarra for supporting this round of the Civil Hirings WA Modified Sedan Series.

Attention will now turn to the penultimate round of the 2019/2020 Civil Hirings WA Modified Sedan Series to be held on Saturday March 14th at Albany’s Attwell Park Speedway. This event will be proudly supported by Albany Truck Hire.

Thank you to DTN Media for their assistance with writing this media release in conjunction with WA Modified Sedans.

Official Results
Feature, 20 laps: 1. W3 Brendan Selleck, 2. W8 Calon Ball, 3. W15 Luke Fraser, 4. W11 Ashley Baker, 5. W6 Paul Stevens, 6. W23 Jayke Malcolm, 7. WA1 Branden Fraser, 8. W7 Coby Stevens, 9. W21 Rick Musarra, 10. W33 Kim Williams, 11. W29 Sam McAuley, 12. W111 Glen Harper, 13. W31 Kevin Ellement, 14. W91 Jeff Steele, 15. W18 Adam Houston.

1. W3 Brendan Selleck, 2. W15 Luke Fraser, 3. W8 Calon Ball, 4. W6 Paul Stevens, 5. WA1 Branden Fraser, 6. W33 Kim Williams, 7. W29 Sam McAuley. DNF: W21 Rick Musarra (12), W31 Kevin Ellement (12), W11 Ashley Baker (8), W7 Coby Stevens (8), W111 Glen Harper (8), W23 Jayke Malcolm (6). DNS: W18 Adam Houston, W91 Jeff Steele.

Photo by Fastlane Photography