by | Mar 26, 2023 | SA, SSA Junior Sedans

Images by Greg Sketcher Photography.

Jaiden Santin has taken victory in the 2023 SSA Junior Sedan South Australian State Title presented by Print Lord held at the Whyalla Speedway on Saturday Night.

Santin who hails from Lismore in Northern New South Wales, took the lead in the twenty five lap main event after ten circulations in his Mitsubish Mirage after finding a way past River Paterson.

Linken Paterson after qualifying on the front row was out early in the race with his brother River retiring from second place with just five laps remaining.

The chequered flag fell on Santin who took victory by over three seconds from the ultra consistent Bree Simpson from Victoria with Mildura’s Cameron Smith offically third.

Tyde Lovell who hails from Karratha in Western Australia crossed the line in fourth with Henry Brumfield the first South Australian home to be fifth.Speedway Sedans South Australia would like to thank all the competitors for travelling to Whyalla for the event along with the host club for their hospitality.

Official Result

A Main, 25 Laps- 1. L51 Jaiden Santin, 2. AX10 Bree Simpson, 3. MDA14 Cameron Smith, 4. W42 Tyde Lovell, 5. S91 Henry Brumfield, 6. S2 Evan McAlister, 7. MDA68 Chase Faux, 8. L18 Sophie Santin, 9. MDA12 Ryan Burns (23), 10. S12 Max Richter (21), DNF AX47 River Paterson (20), NT81 Jessica Foley (20), NT21 Jacob Foley (15), AX23 Tamika Simpson (15), S56 Ollie Bartlett (15), AX48 Linken Paterson (12), NT51 Jamie Jones (9), S46 Lucas Warnett (6), S13 Summer Gesell (1), S9 Lachlan Brown (0).