Rose Wins Big Production Feature

by | Jul 7, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Barry Rose has today defeated a strong field of Production Sedans at Shark Bay Speedway for the 31st Annual Far Western Championships, doubling as round two of the Speedway Sedan Digest Four Crowns Series and in the process become the greatest driver in the events history, standing alone with an amazing five wins.

Rose qualified from pole position with youngster Jayke Malcolm having a great day to qualify alongside him. Unfortunately as the field rolled out onto the track Malcolm struck dramas, the car not firing in the chute and despite being pushed out onto the track, was unable to fire in scenes of heartbreak.

This would elevate Narrogins Coby Stevens onto the front row for the feature, with Rose leading away as the race went green. Stevens would show her nose to Rose in the early goings, getting underneath him in the opening lap while Leon Wood raced hard right behind her, eventually moving high and taking over the second place running.

Rose moved into lapped traffic on lap four, with Wood and Stevens following him through as Jayden McCuish moved into fourth.

As the field moved through the traffic, the yellows came on after Marika Oakley spun, with Mike Kinnear and Richard Baker left with nowhere to go, piling in and both sustaining heavy damage. Only Baker was able to retake his position in the field.

The field would restart but shortly after Ian Lester had a half spin, with Josh Macapline and a couple of other cars piling in, seeing the yellows out once again.

Rose would again lead the restart away from Wood, Stevens and McCuish, with Richard Baker working hard to pass McCuish.

Rose and Wood pulled away from the rest while Stevens held off McCuish, Baker and Benny Curtin until the yellows came on with ten complete as McCuish piled into the back straight wall.

Rose led away Wood and Stevens again, with Baker moving into fourth, then shortly after Wood spun infield and stayed there with eight laps remaining.

This left Rose about four seconds ahead of second placed Stevens, with Benny Curtin and Richard Baker now fighting it out for third place.

Curtin made it past Baker and then set out after Stevens, narrowing the gap each lap and then moving underneath on lap sixteen. Stevens fought back and kept her position, but shortly after the yellows came on for Ashley Baker who spun in turn two.

This left eight cars to fight it out for the remaining four laps, Rose again leading away the field.

Curtin applied the pressure to Stevens and with three to go went underneath her, the two making contact and Curtin emerging with second.

However it all amounted to naught for Curtin as on the final lap he had a half lose in turn two, allowing Stevens back through and despite contact being made once again in the final corners, Stevens held on for second behind Rose with Curtin coming home third.

It would be Roses fifth victory in the Far Western Championship, making him the winningest driver in the events history in what was yet another impressive performance.

Production Sedan Feature, 20 laps: 1. W1 Barry Rose, 2. W7 Coby Stevens, 3. W99 Benny Curtin, 4. W36 Richard Baker, 5. W83 Daren Currell, 6. W0 Josh Macalpine, 7. W81 Dustin Higgs, 8. W32 Dwayne Elliott. DNF: W10 Ashley Baker (15), W53 Leon Wood (11), W58 Jayden McCuish (10), W17 Craig Lenane (8), W27 Rob Nickels (5), W55 Murray Cleasby (4), W2 Ian Lester (4), W127 Mike Kinnear (4), W11 Marika Oakley (3), W77 Greg Robinson (2), W54 Graeme Rafferty (2). DNS: W33 Reece Parton, W98 Harrison Skeet, W115 Jayke Malcolm. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 3.343. Fastest Lap: 19.040 WA1 Barry Rose.

Details courtesy of Scott Beattie

Barry Rose continues to dominate Production Sedan racing in Western Australia