by | Mar 7, 2021 | SSA Junior Sedans, TAS

Lachlan Robins has continued his outstanding season with victory in the 2020/2021 SSA Junior Sedans Tasmanian State Title held last night at the Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway.

Robins held off the late race charge of Brandon Austin to claim victory with Kyle Bagorski in the T16 Hyundai Excel officially third.


Nate Garwood was unfortunately out after lap seven of the main event after leading the overnight point score in the title that began with thirty competitors on Friday Night.

SSA Junior Sedans are back in action in Tasmania again next Saturday Night at the Solo Hobart Raceway.

Official Results of Night Two of the 2020/2021 SSA Junior Sedan Tasmanian State Title

Heat Seven, Eight Laps- 1. T5 Toby Rowe, 2. T42 Dylan Price, 3. T77 Nate Garwood, 4. T28 Karlia Riley, 5. T37 Tyron Triffett, 6. T25 Emilie Williams, 7. T24 Alex Mcmillan, 8. T73 Stevie Smith, 9. T26 Shakya Treweek (7)

Heat Eight, Eight Laps- 1. T18 Callum Spencer, 2. T16 Kyle Bagorski, 3. T35 Sharni Farrell, 4. T38 Shawna Able, 5. T44 Kari Reid, 6. T41 Cameron Tubb, 7 T6 Tyler Smith (7), 8. T61 Lilly Mancey (6), DNF T22 Will Lockwood (1)

Heat Nine, Eight Laps- 1. T84 Lachlan Robins, 2. T7 Taylah Jetson, 3. T33 Kiara McKercher, 4. T65 Brandon Austin, 5. T9 Xavier Clark, 6. T69 Ryan Kelly, 7. T23 Braydon Kane, 8. T51 Logan Pyke, 9. T57 Leeam Thompson, DNF T31 Chloe Smith (3)

B Main, Twelve Laps- 1. T73 Stevie Smith, 2. T37 Tyron Triffett, 3. T24 Alex Mcmillan, 4. T22 Will Lockwood, 5. T51 Logan Pyke, 6. T41 Cameron Tubb, 7. Leeam Thompson, 8. T6 Tyler Smith, 9. T44 Kari Reid, 10. T31 Chloe Smith (11), 11. T26 Shakya Treweek (10), 12. T61 Lilly Mancey (9)

A Main, Twenty Five Laps- 1. T84 Lachlan Robins, 2. T65 Brandon Austin, 3. T16 Kyle Bagorski, 4. T35 Sharni Farrell, 5. T42 Dylan Price, 6. T9 Xavier Clark, 7. T69 Ryan Kelly, 8. T28 Karlia Riley, 9. T25 Emilie Williams, 10. T5 Toby Rowe, 11. T37 Tyron Triffett (24), 12. T7 Taylah Jetson (24), 13. T24 Alex Mcmillan (20), DNF T38 Shawna Able (23), T18 Callum Spencer (18), T73 Stevie Smith (18), T23 Braydon Kane (18), T33 Kiara McKercher (10), T51 Logan Pyke (9), T77 Nate Garwood (7)