Riley Wins Collie Championship

by | Nov 25, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Sayer lead the early laps of the main event for the Collie Production Sedan Championships with Rick Musarra who started from position four retiring on the opening lap with a broken throttle cable.

Riley and Rod Musarra had a great battle for second place early on with Riley getting the better of the dual. Ricky Williams retired from the race on lap five and was soon joined by Hayden Norman.

Clint Noakes who made a return to Production Sedans for the night driving the Hayden Wells owned Holden Commodore endured a tough night of teething problems before making steadily progress in the feature race.

The race began to intensify at the midway point with Riley closing the gap on the leader with Rod Musarra retiring on lap twenty one with a broken caster arm.

Riley ranged up alongside Sayer with nine laps remaining with the two racing side by side for a number of laps before Riley prevailed.

Shaun Brewer bought on the yellow lights in the concluding stages with Clint Noakes retiring at the same time from fifth place.

Riley lead the final laps and went on to win comfortably in the end defeating Sayer and Lee Watt who had a lonely race to finish in third place.

Travis Castagna brought home a ailing car to finish fourth with Brewer, Graeme Riley and Leticia Hamon the only finishers.

Official Result

Feature Race, Thirty Laps: 1. W40 Beau Riley, 2. W95 Kyle Sayer, 3. W4 Lee Watt, 4. W2 Travis Castagna, 5. W26 Shaun Brewer, 6. W20 Graeme Riley, 7. W7 Leticia Hamon, DNF W23 Clint Noakes (22 Laps), W39 Jeff Kendall (21 Laps), W12 Rod Musarra (21 Laps), W81 Jake Avins (15 Laps), W6 Hayden Norman (6 Laps), W92 Ricky Williams (5 Laps) W21 Rick Musarra (1 Lap) DNS W45 Pete James, W41 Rickie Nuccini, W13 Shane Dubberlin

Details courtesy of Allan Smallwood Jnr
Photo courtesy of Fastlane Photography