by | Jan 15, 2023 | SSA Junior Sedans, VIC

Press Release Courtesy of Speedway Sedans Victoria.

Newly Crowned National champion Aidan Rigby has continued a mega two week stint on tour and takes out the Victorian Junior Sedan Title in week two.

The Main Event would become a real race of attrition after a couple of opening lap tangles which would end the main early for Jake Bradley and Nathan Miles both wrecking.

Rigby and Donny Davis started the A Main on the front row with Jackson Kunny and Jaiden Santin across the second.

The top four would somehow find clean air a few times despite the race getting dragged back a few times with cautions back in the pack.

This would bring Kiarna Barton and Linken Paterson right up into the mix inside the top six. Laps would be slow to wind down with caution after caution plauging the top ten cars.

Cars too would slowly fall away filling the infield with hopefuls who would be forced to watch on immobile.

AJ and Billy Macdonald would soon find themselves in among this growing list, along with Kiarna Barton who showed a level head and great speed but tangled in someone else’s accident.

Logan Mair put up a strong fight for long in front of his hometown but would also join this extensive infield list.

The Simpson girls were caught in wars which bowed the team out the main event contention.

With each restart Rigby looked in good stead with the clean air.

A couple mid race cautions in particular would raise excitement where Santin and Davis both closed in the gap to their leader and pressured him along.

Another yellow would slow the momentum again.

Rigby would finally find 8 solid laps under green to run towards home with a half straight away lead on his nearest competitors.

Santin would make the move to second with a few to run and hold on until the end.

Donny Davis would cross the line with a pair of hard charging Alexandra based drivers in Linken and River Paterson who both moved forward.

Jackson Kunny, Hunter Downs, Cruz Farrell, Arthur Hutchinson, Jayden Lock, Harry Cecil, Blake Glynn and Maddy Capon would be the few of the final finishers who survived the full 25 lap distance.

The top five place getters would then be presented on track after the main event in front of the Nyora Raceway fan hill to a stout applause.

Tyson Heaphy was also awarded on track the Best Presented Car and Crew award as voted on by SSV officials.

Along with recieving 5th in the feature, River Paterson was awarded the Rising Star award by the same SSV Committee in front of a proud Paterson family.

Official Results of the 2023 SSA Junior Sedan Victorian State Title

A Main, 25 Laps- 1. A1 Aidan Rigby, 2. N51 Jaiden Santin, 3. W3 Donny Davis, 4. AX48 Linken Paterson, 5. AX47 River Paterson, 6. G19 Jackson Kunny, 7. W29 Hunter Downs, 8. AX10 Breanna Simpson, 9. S4 Jayden Lock, 10. DDA85 Arthur Hutchison, 11. NY21 Harry Cecil, 12. NY25 Cruz Farrell, 13. AX66 Maddy Capon, 14. AV8 Blake Glynn, DNF BB2 Billy Macdonald (18), BB17 AJ Macdonald (18), NY51 Kiarna Barton (16), V61 Logan Mair (15), W35 James Oliver (10).