by | Jan 6, 2023 | SSA Junior Sedans

Official Release- Friday 6th January 2023.

Queensland Junior Sedan Champion Aidan Rigby leads the point score after night one of the 2023 SSA Inc National Junior Sedan Title that is being held this weekend at the Borderline Speedway in Mount Gambier South Australia.

Rigby was the only driver to go through the night undefeated with Queenslander Cooper Flynn, Victorian Linken Paterson and Western Australian’s Beau Oldfield & Donny Davis all collecting a pair of heat wins.

Seventy Seven Junior Sedans contested the opening night of the twentieth anniversary of the event with the Borderline Speedway playing host for the first time since 2017.

Perfect weather conditions along with a great crowd and online audience enjoyed twenty one quality heat races from the Junior Sedans.

The first national title of 2023 for Speedway Sedans Australia got underway with the first of twenty eight heat races for the weekend with Queensland’s Jayden Hancock dominating the eight laps.

Kurtis Peall who is contesting his fourth National Title held off Western Australian Champion Beau Oldfield in heat two before Jaiden Santin lead every lap of heat three in the Mitsubishi Mirage from Northern New South Wales.

A trio of Western Australian’s did battle in heat four as they raced three wide at times with Hunter Downs being declared the winner from Zach Munro and Jackson Goodwin.

Queensland Champion Aidan Rigby muscled his way to his first win of the weekend in heat five after starting from the fourth row.

Donny Davis from Newman in Western Australia held off South Australian Lucas Warnett and Victorian Miller Throckmorton in heat six.

The final heat of the opening round was an outstanding exhibition of Speedway Sedan racing as Cooper Flynn, Tyde Lovell and Charlie Tate battled for the lead throughout the entire race as Flynn took the win.

Aidan Rigby started the second round of heats in the best possible fashion when he charged through the field from position eleven to defeat Western Australians Hunter Downs and Zach Munro.

Heat Nine was the domain of Donny Davis as he joined Rigby as a multiple winner as James Oliver and Brodie Hollyman rounded out the top three.

The Raslaar Engineering backed entry of Linken Paterson came from the back of the field to collect the win in heat ten after enduring a number of stoppages.

Heat Eleven was an action packed affair with Northern Territory’s River Spitzbarth unfortunately coming together with Sharni Farrell and Charlie Tate as the trio got locked together on the exit of turn four.

Mildura’s Cameron Smith charged through the field in the Penrite Mirage to claim heat twelve from Harry Fowler and Bree Simpson as Beau Oldfield dominated heat thirteen winning by over five seconds.

Tyler Scott and Victorian Logan Mair enjoyed a great battle for the lead in heat fourteen before Cooper Flynn found a way past in the concluding stages as the Junior Sedans continued to put on a great exhibition of racing.

The final round of the opening night began with an outstanding performance by Tasmanian Emilie Williams as she became the first driver from the Apple Isle to record a heat win.

Victorian Jayden Lock held off Kurtis Peall and Summer Shore in an exciting heat sixteen before Aidan Rigby continued his domination of proceedings as he won heat seventeen from pole position.

Linken Paterson’s strong opening night from continued as he won heat eighteen by over five seconds from Cooper Flynn who had one hundred points to end the opening night.

Western Australian Champion Beau Oldfield moved from sixth row to hit the lead on the final lap of heat nineteen to record his second win of the evening.

Zach Munro saved his best performance on night one until heat twenty as he worked the outside of the racetrack to claim the win from fellow Western Australian Zak Turner and Victorian Cameron Smith.

An entertaining heat twelve one rounded proceedings as Miller Throckmorton got the better of Jackson Kunny and River Paterson over the eight laps.

Just one more round of heat races remain to be contested on night two of the 2023 SSA Inc National Junior Sedan Title at the Borderline Speedway.

All the action can be watch live courtesy of the team at Clay Per View.


1. Q28 Aidan Rigby 108

2. W84 Beau Oldfield 100

3. Q27 Cooper Flynn 100

4. V48 Linken Paterson 89

5. W138 Zach Munro 87

6. Q11 Kurtis Peall 87

7. WA22 Zak Turner 77

8. Q7 Jayden Hancock 77

9. W3 Donny Davis 75

10. V47 River Paterson 74

11. V35 James Oliver 73

12. W29 Hunter Downs 72

13. VA14 Cameron Smith 69

14. S46 Lucas Warnett 68

15. V18 Miller Throckmorton 65

16. S2 Ky McEwin 64

17. N51 Jaiden Santin 62

18. VA51 Kiarna Barton 61

19. Q23 Jack Vuichoud 57

20. N23 Harry Fowler 57

21. Q12 Brodie Hollyman 56

22. W31 Jesse James Samuels 53

23. V85 Arthur Hutchison 52

24. T25 Emilie Williams 52

25. V4 Jayden Lock 52

26. W42 Tyde Lovell 51

27. Q2 Billy Macdonald 51

28. Q19 Jackson Kunny 51

29. V10 Bree Simpson 49

30. W606 Jackson Goodwin 49

31. VB8 Mitchell McClure 46

32. Q17 AJ Macdonald 44

33. V51 Lachie Bull 43

34. T35 Sharni Farrell 42

35. V8 Blake Glynn 42

36. W08 Tyler Scott 42

37. WA3 Summer Shore 41

38. W24 Charlie Tate 39

39. V61 Logan Mair 37

40. VA8 Pary Das 35

41. S9 Lachlan Brown 35

42. WA29 Deagan McNally 35

43. NT51 Jamie Jones 33

44. S13 Summer Gesell 32

45. W666 Sophie Goodwin 29

46. V23 Tamika Simpson 29

47. W11 Brock Lake 27

48. V12 Nathan Miles 27

49. W78 Colby Bosley 27

50. V13 Lachlan Smith 26

51. N36 Indi Butcher 26

52. W10 Kayde Anthony 26

53. V32 Diesel Fallon 25

54. NT81 Jessica Foley 24

55. V25 Cruz Farrell 22

56. Q3 Chloe Lebeter 22

57. NT43 River Spitzbarth 20

58. S5 Riley Greig 20

59. V21 Harry Cecil 20

60. T28 Karlia Riley 20

61. V14 Jake Bradley 18

62. T24 Alex McMillan 18

63. NT21 Jacob Foley 17

64. W22 George Tate 16

65. S91 Harry Brumfield 16

66. S25 Evan McAllister 15

67. W121 Kai Leeson 15

68. S53 Lincoln King 15

69. N24 Jorja Woolfe 15

70. V42 Tayla Whatmore 14

71. V5 Matilda Farrell 13

72. V52 Zammy Noseda 12

73. Q21 Hayley Spence 11

74. S12 Max Richter 11

75. S26 Bree McAllister 11

76. V9 Tyson Heaphy 10

77. S89 Lindal Gilding 9