The McCosker Rocky Speedway in Central Queensland has a huge race meeting to kickoff the new season this Saturday Night as the venue celebrates its return to racing with a “Halloween Special”.

Five Speedway Sedans Australia classes are on the program and will feature drivers from around the state highlighted by a field of over thirty SSA Production Sedans.

Bundaberg’s Kurtis Peall should start as the favourite in the SSA Junior Sedans Piston Cup with the New Stars have once again producing a great field of entries that is fast becoming the norm in the Sunshine State.

Solid entries of SSA Street Stocks and the very popular SSA Modified Sedans are sure to put on a great show for the expected Speedway starved crowd at the Showgrounds venue.

Racing begins at the earlier time of 4.30pm with more information available at the McCosker Rocky Speedway Facebook page.


SSA Junior Sedan Top Stars (7)
BB11 Kurtis Peall
RK114 Braith Thomas
RK15 Josh Hoffman
B19 JJ Hamilton
GL26 Bre Larsen
RK43 Brayden Storer
BB81 Mitch Wogandt

SSA Junior Sedan New Stars (15) 
GL2 Bailey King
SC3 Chloe Lebeter
BW4 Rylee Williams
BB7 Coen Herwig
RK14 Reilly Storer
GL21 Jake Coomber
RK24 Shenaya Lowther
BB25 Abby Smith
MK27 Jack Menzies
RK33 Tyson Jennings
RK36 Sophie Montgomerie
RK37 Annabel Montgomerie
RK77 Alex Myles
RK79 Landon Murray
BB82 Hunter Heidke

SSA Production Sedans (33) 
A1 Joel Berkley
RK2 Michael Johnson
SB2 Simon Walker
M3 Josh Jarius
RK5 Luke Frenken
GL05 Nick Cook
BB7 Andrew Beaton
RK7 Bryan Owen
BW8 Michael Larsen
RK8 Tony Owen
GL10 David Mohr
RK11 Chris Annison
RK12 Damien Arnold
RK14 Bradey Hore
GL15 Richard Cook
M16 Kane Heidke
G17 Neil Keldoulis
RK17 Beau Saunders
RK18 DJ Lennon
BB21 Brad Petersen
M21 Kent Shelford
BB22 Zach Harris
BB26 Gary Harris Jnr
BB30 Brad Scherer
M33 Brandon Jarius
RK41 Matt Thomas
RK46 Kory Jennings
RK63 Beau Smithwick
GL71 Shawn Ingham
RK78 Bailey Barnicoat
GL91 Timmy Coomber 
GL92 Jye Coomber
RK99 Jackson Thomas

SSA Street Stocks (12)
RK3 Ryley Haynes
BB23 Damien Currie
RK24 Caroline Storer
RK68 Kenny Simpson
RK72 Braith Hogan
RK83 John Roycroft
RK87 Tony Wust
BB93 Brandon Hough
BB94 Fletcher Smith
C94 Samantha Killick
BW99 Ian Hardsman
CR99 Peter Thompson

SSA Modified Sedans (13)
M6 Brayden Pacey
RK7 Reid Hinchliffe
T7 Jason Boss
MK7 Luke O’Brien
BW17 Andrew Roberts
RK18 Brendan Doyle
M21 Mick Shelford
RK22 Jack Cameron
MK23 Jeff Smith
CR24 David Head
RK43 Brenton Scott
CR64 Brodie Boss
CR99 Jordan Cunningham