by | Apr 25, 2021 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

Aidan Raymont has won Round 4 of the Steering & Suspension Warehouse Modified Sedan Series in front of a big crowd in Toowoomba.

No words will do the final any justice of how great it was on a brilliantly prepaid race track. Multiple lead changes, multi grooves and endless side by side racing that ultimately saw Raymont win the 30 lap feature and of Darran Lester, Tim Atkin, Max Clarke and Rodney Pammenter. 

Stand by for the clay per view highlights next week.

Modified Sedans return to Toowoomba in two weeks time for the Grand final of the series and of course the Pro 1 Race Parts T-Bar Nationals.

Nominations are open and close Sunday week (2 May 2021). Driver can nominate by messaging Ryan Harris directly. 

A MAIN, THIRTY LAPS- 1. Q28 Aidan Raymont, 2. Q59 Darran Lester, 3. G15 Tim Atkin, 4. N15 Max Clarke,5. Q8 Rodney Pammenter, 6. Q27 Shane MacDonald, 7. Q72 Shane Langton, 8. N47 Steven Quirk, 9. Q9 Gary Pagel, 10. Q4 Darren Baldwin, 11. Q17 Nathan Lowe, 12. Q24 David Head, 13. Q26 Jason Dreaver, 14. Q51 Jake Hawkins (29), DNF Q77 Mick Langton (4), Q97 Brendan Webber (23), N3 Greg Worling (19), Q85 Josh Arthur (19), Q66 Chris Evans (13), Q10 Stephen Geritz (13), N81 Quintin Clarke (13), Q68 Luke Townsend (13), CR68 Nic Moncrieff (3), Q30 Leonie Knight (3)