by | Jun 6, 2021 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

Words by Ryan Harris

Aidan Raymont has dominated the Cush Clothing Modified Sedan NQ Title winning by 13.7 seconds. After narrowly loosing the pole shuffle to David Head, Raymont started the feature from postion six. The format was changed up to put on a show for the decent sized Mareeba crowd and a perfectly prepared race track gave drivers plenty of oppunities to pass.

Because of this, the pole shuffle winner (David Head) started from the rear of the grid in the feature and had the choice to take someone to start back with him. Tangles chose Raymont who then chose Gilroy. This was done right throughout the field that ultimately saw Shane Ogilvie and Steve Manly start off the front row.

The race got underway with Manly leading the first few laps. Raymont charged through the field to take lead only 5 or so laps into the 25 lap feature. Behind him a magnificent battle continued with Steve Manly, Myles Gilroy, Graham Kleinhans and David Head.

Midway through the race, Klienhans suffered damage that caused him to slow and nurse the car home. Despite fantastic car speed at various stages, Tangles fell off the back of Manly and Gilroy. With only a couple of laps to go, Gilroy railed the cushion through turns three and four to move into second where he was able to finish. Steve Manly drove the race of his life to finish third ahead of David Head and Dave Manly.

The common theme from the night from the night was the new track surface and the additional banking was outstanding and everyone can’t wait to get back to Mareeba in the future.

Full results of the night are below:

A Main Finishing Positions
1. Aidan Raymont
2. Myles Gilroy
3. Steve Manly
4. David Head
5. David Manly
6. Shane Ogilvie
7. Graham Kleinhans
DNS. Scott Vella
DNS. Adam Jorgensen
DNS. Johnno Collins

Heat 1
1. Aidan Raymont
2. Scott Vella
3. Graham Kleinhans

Heat 2
1. Aidan Raymont
2. Johnno Collins
3. Adam Jorgensen

Pole Shuffle
Tangles beat Aidan Raymont
Tangles beat Graham Kleinhans
Tangles beat Scott Vella
Scott Vella beat Dave Manly
Dave Manly beat Shane Ogilvie
Dave Manly beat Myles Gilroy

(Tangles wins $150 cash from Cush Clothing)
(Raymont wins $100 cash from Cush Clothing)

Feature Starting Line Up
1. Shane Ogilvie
2. Steve Manly
3. Dave Manly
4. Graham Kleinhans
5. Myles Gilroy
6. Aidan Raymont
7. David Head