Raymont Wins At Kingaroy

by | Oct 15, 2017 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Aidan Raymont continued on his winning ways at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts, Kingaroy Speedway, leading all the way in the Modified Sedan A Main on Saturday night.

Raymont and Lee Volk would start on the front row for the 20 lap A Main, and in a spectacular start, Mick Shelford would roll over spectacularly on the opening lap, causing a complete restart.

Raymont would again lead followed by Volk, Russell Harris and Greg Worling, with Volk then to succumb after six laps with a flat tyre.

In a highly competitive and close race Peter Gray and Tim Atkin both passed Harris and Worling on lap seven, as the Modified Sedan drivers provided the crowd with the customary two and three wide racing.

The further the race went though, the further Raymont moved away from the field. Atkin and Gray provided a great battle for second place through the second half of the race, as did Harris and Worling for fourth. Harris eventually got the better of that battle late in the race, with Kent Menzies closing in on Worling in the concluding stages.

Raymont would win by 6.858 to win his second A Main in as many weeks after winning at Gympie the week previous. Tim Atkin held on in a thrilling finish for second, with Peter Gray just 0.087 behind as the crossed the line. David Head, seventh, Jordan Biviano, Brett Barron and Victorian Justin Drew, were the last drivers on the lead lap, with the race going the full twenty laps after the initial stoppage for the Shelford rollover.

Earlier, on a highly competitive night of competition, David Head, Kent Menzies and Greg Worling would be successful in the opening round of heats. Russell Harris, Peter Gray and Lee Volk would win heats four to six respectively, all in very close finishes, while Worling, Volk and Raymont would win the final three heats of the night.

:: Modified Sedans

Heat 1, 8 Laps: 1. CR24 David Head, 2. N62 Jordan Biviano, 3. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 4. CR178 Peter Gray, 5. C89 TJ Horne, 6. SB24 Scott McDermott, 7. SB14 Matt Langton (6 laps). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 0.277, Fastest Lap: 16.772 N62 Jordan Biviano

Heat 2, 8 Laps: 1. MK5 Kent Menzies, 2. V7 Justin Drew, 3. BB2 Tim Atkin, 4. SB48 Brett Barron, 5. M63 Brayden Pacey, 6. CR77 Mick Langton, 7. SB10 Pacey Clegg, 8. CR111 Peter White. Time: 2.17.345, Winning Margin: 0.659, Fastest Lap: 16.563 MK5 Kent Menzies

Heat 3, 8 Laps: 1. N3 Greg Worling, 2. V1 Aidan Raymont, 3. C69 Russell Harris, 4. MK75 Myles Gilroy, 5. CR73 Lee Volk, 6. SB54 Kent Shelford, 7. SB88 David Barbeler, 8. CR78 Jason Gray (2 laps). Time: 2.28.531, Winning Margin: 0.383, Fastest Lap: 16.812 N3 Greg Worling

Heat 4, 8 Laps: 1. C69 Russell Harris, 2. SB54 Mick Shelford, 3. V1 Aidan Raymont, 4. SB10 Pacey Clegg, 5. MK19 Wayne Gilroy, 6. CR111 Peter White, 7. M63 Brayden Pacey, 8. SB48 Brett Barron. Time: 2.18.341, Winning Margin: 0.541, Fastest Lap: 16.275 V1 Aidan Raymont

Heat 5, 8 Laps: 1. CR178 Peter Gray, 2. SB88 David Barbeler, 3. MK5 Kent Menzies, 4. C89 TJ Horne, 5. CR24 David Head, 6. N3 Greg Worling, 7. SB14 Matt Langton, 8. MK75 Kyles Gilroy, 9. CR78 Jason Gray. Time: 2.17.822, Winning Margin: 0.406, Fastest Lap: 16.726 CR178 Peter Gray

Heat 6, 8 Laps: 1. CR73 Lee Volk, 2. BB2 Tim Atkin, 3. V7 Justin Drew, 4. B62 Jordan Biviano, 5. CR77 Mick Langton, 6. SB24 Scott McDermott. Time: 2.16.119, Winning Margin: 0.397, Fastest Lap: 16.481 V7 Justin Drew

Heat 7, 8 Laps: 1. N3 Greg Worling, 2. SB48 Brett Barron, 3. C69 Russell Harris, 4. CR77 Mick Langton, 5. V7 Justin Drew, 6. C89 TJ Horne, 7. MK5 Kent Menzies, 8. SB10 Pacey Clegg. Time: 2.17.128, Winning Margin: 0.695, Fastest Lap: 16.501 N3 Greg Worling

Heat 8, 8 Laps: 1. CR73 Lee Volk, 2. CR78 Jason Gray, 3. MK75 Myles Gilroy, 4. N62 Jordan Biviano, 5. SB88 David Barbeler, 6. M63 Brayden Pacey, 7. SB14 Matt Langton. Time: 1.44.167 (6 laps), Winning Margin: 0.186, Fastest Lap: 16.679 CR73 Lee Volk

Heat 9, 8 Laps: 1. V1 Aidan Raymont, 2. CR178 Peter Gray, 3. CR24 David Head, 4. BB2 Tim Atkin, 5. CR111 Peter White, 6. SB54 Mick Shelford, 7. SB24 Scott McDermott. Time: 2.14.504, Winning Margin: 4.270, Fastest Lap: 16.211 V1 Aidan Raymont

A Main, 20 Laps: 1. V1 Aidan Raymont, 2. BB2 Tim Atkin, 3. CR178 Peter Gray, 4. C69 Russell Harris, 5. N3 Greg Worling, 6. MK5 Kent Menzies, 7. CR24 David Head, 8. N62 Jordan Biviano, 9. SB48 Brett Barron, 10. V7 Justin Drew, 11. MK75 Myles Gilroy (19 laps), 12. SB88 David Barbeler (19), 13. CR77 Mick Langton (19). DNF: 14. CR78 Jason Gray (18), 15. C89 TJ Horne (18), 16. M63 Brayden Pacey (10), 17. SB24 Scott McDermott (10), 18. SB10 Pacey Clegg (8), 19. CR73 Lee Volk (6), 20. CR111 Peter White (4), 21. SB54 Mick Shelford (0). Time: 5.45.262, Winning Margin: 6.858, Fastest Lap: 16.382 V1 Aidan Raymont

Aidan Raymont continues on his winning ways at the Showgrounds. Photo courtesy of Ash Media Speedway Footage