by | Jan 14, 2024 | NSW, SSA Modified Sedans

Official Release Sunday 14th January

Mark Raymont overcame enormous pressure on Saturday night to claim the $10,000 to win, Clements Haulage Modified Sedan Hot Pursuit at Lismore Speedway.

The race was filled with plenty of drama, and despite numerous passing attempts, Raymont remained in control of the race for the entire distance, with only 1.445 seconds separating the top five cars at the chequered flag.

Raymont was followed to the chequered flag by Runner-up, Dylan Barlow and Third-placed, Nathan MacDonald.

Clement’s Haulage Modified Sedan Hot Pursuit Official Result A Main, 30 Laps:

1. G27 Mark Raymont, 2. V17 Dylan Barrow, 3. N1 Nathan Macdonald, 4. GFT15 Max Clarke, 5. G28 Aidan Raymont, 6. SB55 Josh Harm, 7. CR24 David Head, 8. CR11 Brendan Kennedy, 9. SB08 Alex Sweeney, 10. CR72 Shane Langton, 11. CR17 Nathan Lowe, 12. SC22 Shannon Blackburn, 13. GFT46 Sam Mooney (29), 14. CR30 Leonie Knight (28), 15. G46 Daniel Henshaw (28), 16. B47 Steven Quirk (28), DNF B12 Jake Hawkins (28), W1 Joel Berkley (27), L6 Madison Harkin (16), SC30 Jason Dreaver (14), G5 Brett Baxter (2), CR66 JJ Hamilton (2), GFT81 Quinton Clarke (2), CR6 Mark Anderson (1).