Raymont And Boss Lead Action Packed Opening Night

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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Aidan Raymont and Brodie Boss are the over night leaders of the Speedway Sedans Australia, National Modified Sedan Title at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts, Kingaroy Speedway after an extraordinary night of racing.

The night was highlighted by some brilliant racing, with three and four wide racing the norm, along with numerous spectacular rollovers which had the big crowd well and truly entertained.

Heat one of the title would title went the way of Cameron Waters who defeated Kent Menzies and Kent Shelford, after the National Champion started from position six.

Max Clarke would go up in a ball of smoke in heat two, as Rodney Pammenter defeated Brett Barron and Jason Beer, who had a great battle for the minor placings.

A great race between Jake Drewett and Bryan Galley in heat three saw Drewett just hold on by 0.260, with Ashley Parkinson storming home to finish third, with Parkinson setting the quick lap of the race.

Gary Pagel started well in heat four before breaking down while infront. Rory Evans also broke down losing fuel pressure, while Jim Cowley did a steering rack in what would be a sign of things to come. Brody Chrystie would take the win after starting from position five, with Martin Hawson finishing second, only to be relegated after the race for a pass during the event. Stephen Geritz and Peter White would fill the minor placings.

Nathan MacDonald would be the next casualty in heat five, when he detonated an engine, as David Smith went on to a big win over Mark Raymont and Glenn Pagel.

Heat six would see Hayden Stephensen suffer a flat tyre while leading on lap five, before Ben Richardson broke down in the front straight. Soon after Antony Gaunt also suffered a flat tyre in an incident riddled race, which then suffered a massive crash in the main straight, when he spun while challenging for the lead, which impacted Justin Drew, Kye Walters and Jamie OMeara. Johnno Collins would hold on to win, downing OMeara who was able to rejoin and Adam Jorgensen.

Heat seven would see Brodie Boss take a big win, but not without drama, as he hit the fence after contact as he lapped the back markers. Tony Coomber would finish second and Trent Quillerat from Tasmania would finish third.

Flat tyres riddled heat eight with Graham West, Steve Love and Clint Noakes all succumbing, while Brock Atkins would go on to record a comfortable win over Greg Worling and Michael Shelford with Atkins setting the quick lap of the race on the last lap.

A great race between Josh Crang, Aidan Raymont and Brett Baxter halted after eight laps, when Baxter rolled violently in turn four in heat nine. Raymont would go on to defeat Crang and Wade McCarthy.

National Champion, Cameron Waters, would prove too strong in heat ten, after getting the better of Jason Beer mid race. Beer would hold on for a good second placing while Rodney Burr would finish third.

Heat eleven would see a spectacular rollover with Darren Baldwin and Wayne Gilroy rolling over each other in turn one, which caused a mutli car pile up which also took Peter White and Brenton Scott and also involved Nathan Lowe and Jake Drewett. Upon the restart Brett Barron would go on to defeat Shane MacDonald and Kent Menzies, with MacDonald passing cars on the outside with some spectacular moves after starting from position six.

Martin Hawson thrashed the opposition in heat twelve after starting on the front row, winning by nearly half a lap. Gary Pagel would finish second while Greg Stevenson who started from position eight would finish third.

In one of the drives of the night, the winner of the millennium title, Ash Parkinson drove from the back of the field to win heat thirteen. Parkinson not only won, he drove away from the field as he defeated Bryan Galley and Brad Warren.

Ben Richardson rolled over violently in the main straight on lap seven, and with a medical emergency in the crowd in would be another 35 minutes before the race resumed, with Kye Walters recording a good win in the remaining laps over Tim Weir and Brodie Chrystie.

In heat fifteen, Greg Worling and Mark Raymont put on a great race for twelve laps, with nothing separating the duo, with just 0.024 separating the two in the closest finish of the night. Sean Black finished a close third.

Brett Watson would have a massive rollover in turn four on the opening lap of heat sixteen, before Glenn Pagel took the win from Adam Jorgensen and David Smith.

In arguably the best race of the night, Brodie Boss, Brock Atkins and Clint Noakes were never separated by more than 0.3 of a second for the entirety of the race, with Boss downing Atkins for the win by 0.106.

Aidan Raymont would win heat eighteen, leading all the way, but he did not have it all his own way, as Josh Crang chased hard, while Jamie OMeare finished a distant third.

The final round of heats would have numerous drivers win from the back of the field, with the first of those being Aidan Raymont who started from the back row. Raymont took the lead on lap eight, to win a thriller over Mark Raymont, David Smith, Trent Quillerat and Michael Shelford, with the five running two and three wide throughout.

In a depleted field, where only six drivers would face the starter in heat twenty, Josh Harm won another close race, with Wade McCarthy and Hayden Stephensen joining Harm in a great three way battle. Stephensen would get the better of McCarthy in the concluding stages to finish second.

Heat twenty one would see Brodie Boss win from the back of the field, but he did not just beat the field, he romped to victory, downing Brody Chrystie and Shane Langton.

Kye Walters would win heat twenty two, with the Victorian taking the lead early, recording a narrow win over Kent Shelford and Johnno Collins.

Heat twenty three would see Clint Noakes come from the back of the field to win, but not after a thrilling five way battle for the lead which involved Mick Johnson, Tim Weir, Tony Coomber and Shannon Blackburn. Noakes would get the upper hand late in the race, defeating Johnson and Weir.

Brock Atkins won the heat that followed but the car overheated after the race, with Atkins too strong for Rodney Pammenter and Corey Stein.

The feel good moment of the opening night was the win by Wayne Gilroy in heat twenty five. After being involved in a spectacular roll over earlier in the night, Gilroy, despite having a car akin to something out of a demolition derby, was able to hold off Bryan Galley and Rodney Burr.

The penultimate heat of the opening night, saw not one, but two drivers lose wheels in separate incidents, with both Stephen Geritz and Luke Hollyman ending up on the grass. David Jacobi would record a strong win.

The final heat was another thriller, with Martin Hawson winning after starting from position six, with Cam Waters recovering to finish second after dropping as low as fifth in the middle stages of the race, while Sean Black finished third.

After the opening night, there are some very second hand race cars, and many drivers will be burning the midnight hours to get themselves ready for night two of the National Title, on a super fast race track. For others the memory will be of some brilliant racing that Modified Sedans are renowned for, with three and four wide racing in almost every race.

In a mouth-watering prospect, Aidan Raymont and Brodie Boss will both be in the same heat race on night two (heat thirty), while Brock Atkins will start from position seven in the heat that follows. Meanwhile, the defending Champion will start from the back of the field in the final qualifying heat of the night, which will make for an interesting pointscore at the completion of the 36 preliminaries.

Night two commences again at 4.00pm EST

Points Night 1
1 Q38 Aidan Raymont 108
2 Q82 Brodie Boss 108
3 V172 Martin Hawson 100
3 V43 Brock Atkins 100
4 A1 Cameron Waters 100
6 V92 Brody Chrystie 87
7 V83 Bryan Galley 84
8 Q27 Mark Raymont 84
9 Q23 Josh Crang 84
10 V29 David Smith 82
11 N37 Greg Worling 81
12 V86 Kye Walters 80
13 Q9 Rodney Pammenter 77
14 Q121 Johnno Collins 76
15 Q48 Brett Barron 74
16 Q35 Kent Menzies 74
17 N36 David Jacobi 70
18 Q93 Jason Beer 68
19 Q21 Kent Shelford 68
20 Q33 Glenn Pagel 67
21 V57 Ashley Parkinson 64
22 Q51 Tony Coomber 64
23 Q25 Adam Jorgensen 64
24 Q26 Jamie OMeara 61
25 V64 Wade McCarthy 59
26 Q54 Michael Shelford 59
27 Q55 Josh Harm 58
28 Q99 Sean Black 56
29 V81 Rodney Burr 56
30 Q49 Shane MacDonald 55
31 T46 Trent Quillerat 53
32 Q19 Wayne Gilroy 52
33 Q132 Mick Johnson 51
34 Q28 Hayden Stephensen 50
35 Q72 Shane Langton 50
36 Q58 Tim Weir 49
37 Q68 Gary Pagel 48
38 Q5 Corey Stein 48
39 Q89 TJ Horne 47
40 V18 Jake Drewett 44
41 Q6 Brad Stein 43
42 W123 Clint Noakes 40
43 Q78 Peter Gray 40
44 V41 Brad Warren 39
45 Q44 Ashley Barron 38
46 Q8 Lee Steffens 37
47 ACT3 Greg Stevenson 37
48 Q22 Jack Cameron 36
49 W74 Allan Mortimer 33
50 Q10 Stephen Geritz 33
51 Q2 Shannon Blackburn 32
52 Q148 Scott McDermott 31
53 Q75 Myles Gilroy 31
54 Q73 Lee Volk 31
55 Q42 Brenton Scott 30
56 Q47 Nathan Lowe 30
57 Q34 Antony Gaunt 27
58 Q95 Richard Cook 27
59 Q14 Matt Langton 27
60 Q111 Peter White 27
61 Q84 David Head 26
62 Q91 David Manly 26
63 V194 Rachel Pratt 25
64 Q31 Will Roeser 25
65 Q69 Graham Kleinhans 25
66 Q88 David Barbeler 24
67 Q65 Cameron Birch 23
68 N94 Gerry Flood 23
69 Q71 Steve Jordan 22
70 Q77 Mick Langton 22
71 Q52 Luke Hollyman 21
72 Q16 Jim Cowley 21
73 Q11 Chris Hams 21
74 Q56 Darren Severs 20
75 Q197 Rory Evans 20
76 Q108 Alex Sweeney 19
77 Q87 Matt Hawkings 18
78 Q98 Brett Watson 18
79 V61 Matt Nelson 17
80 Q12 Jake Hawkins 17
81 Q97 Brad Yarrow 16
82 Q24 Derek Richards 16
83 Q67 Steve Love 15
84 V7 Justin Drew 14
85 Q15 Pacey Clegg 14
86 V96 Graham West 9
87 Q66 Steve Manly 8
88 Q154 Ben Richardson 8
89 Q4 Darren Baldwin 8
90 Q62 Mark Carlin 6
91 Q32 Nathan MacDonald 6
92 Q53 Brett Baxter 5
93 N115 Max Clarke 4
94 Q79 Jason Schloss 4
95 Q17 Thomas Hunter 0

Photo: Aidan Raymont
Photo courtesy of 44 Photography