Rain Takes Round One Of Super Sedan Series

by | Oct 15, 2017 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Rain ultimately would be the winner on the opening night of the Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series, supported by Barnes Drilling at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts, Kingaroy Speedway, but not before National Champion Darren Kane fired an ominous warning to his opposition.

Kane set the quick time in hot laps on a super fast race track, setting a time of 14.348, to be slightly quicker than Queensland Champion Matty Pascoe (14.449) and Ian Brims (14.563).

Later in the night, Kane set a new one lap track record in heat four, setting a new bench mark with a staggering 14.177.

After six qualifying heats, Kane would be the highest pointscorer on a very even night of competition, which would see six different winners from the six heats. Despite not winning a heat, Kyall Fisher would finish in the top three in all three of his heats, to be the second highest qualifier, while Leigh Williams and Tasmanian Steve Latham would finish third and fourth on the point standings after six heats.

The forty lap A Main was just four laps in, when rain started falling and officials deemed it too dangerous to continue.

Earlier, Leigh Williams won the opening heat after starting from position three. Tania Smith made a welcome return to racing, finishing second, while Darren Kane, who started from the fifth row of the grid, made his way to third with two laps remaining, finishing right behind Smith, but Williams won comfortably.

Sean Black was too good in heat two, leading all the way. Kyall Fisher would finish clear in second and Steve Latham finished third. Mat Pascoe was the only driver to move forward in the heat, starting on row five, before finishing fifth, setting the quickest lap of the race in the process.

Heat three would see Wayne Randall lead early, but Steve Latham took the lead mid race to take the win. Kyall Fisher was impressive, coming from the back of the field to finish second ahead of Craig Craft.

Gavin Northfield would take heat four in a close finish. Northfield would lead all the way, with Leigh Williams and Justin Randall running second and third respectively through the first half of the race. Darren Kane who started on row three, moved to third on lap seven, before moving to second on lap eight, setting sail out after Northfield. He caught Northfield with a lap remaining, with Northfield winning by 0.442. Kane meanwhile set a new track record in the process.

Heat five would see Mat Pascoe untroubled in taking the win, though it would not be so smooth for Craig Craft who retired after two laps, while in second, or Sean Black, who moved to second but ended seventh. Ian Brims and the consistent Kyall Fisher filled the minor placings.

The final heat was all Darren Kane, winning by more than half a lap, in a highly dominant display. Tania Smith would finish second, while Gavin Northfield would finish third.

Round two of the Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series will move to the Rockhampton Showgrounds, on Saturday, 4 November 2017.

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Heat 1, 10 Laps: 1. RK4 Leigh Williams, 2. N3 Tania Smith, 3. A1 Darren Kane, 4. Q0 Wayne Randall, 5. B76 Ian Brims, 6. SB31 Travis Barron, 7. Q24 Jack Childs, 8. BB96 Josh McLaren, 9. C20 Nicholas OKeeffe (4 laps), 10. RK3 Matt Williams (1). Time: 2.36.104, Winning Margin: 2.952, Fastest Lap: 14.351 A1 Darren Kane

Heat 2, 10 Laps: 1. Q26 Sean Black, 2. Q32 Kyall Fisher, 3. T8 Steve Latham, 4. Q33 Justin Randall, 5. Q1 Mat Pascoe, 6. RK31 Brendan Doyle, 7. Q15 Gavin Northfield, 8. GL39 Bob McCosker, 9. Q6 Craig Craft, 10. Q22 Dale Christensen (6). Time: 2.31.080, Winning Margin: 3.810, Fastest Lap: 14.631 Q1 Mat Pascoe

Heat 3, 10 Laps: 1. T8 Steve Latham, 2. Q32 Kyall Fisher, 3. Q6 Craig Craft, 4. BB96 Josh McLaren, 5. Q0 Wayne Randall, 6. Q24 Jack Childs, 7. SB31 Travis Barron (4 laps). Time: No time, Winning Margin: 0.945, Fastest Lap: 15.029 Q32 Kyall Fisher

Heat 4, 10 Laps: 1. Q15 Gavin Northfield, 2. A1 Darren Kane, 3. RK4 Leigh Williams, 4. Q33 Justin Randall, 5. B76 Ian Brims, 6. Q26 Sean Black, 7. GL39 Bob McCosker, 8. N3 Tania Smith, 9. Q1 Mat Pascoe, 10. RK31 Brendan Doyle. Time: 2.33.750, Winning Margin: 0.442, Fastest Lap: 14.177 A1 Darren Kane (Track Record)

Heat 5, 10 Laps: 1. Q1 Mat Pascoe, 2. B76 Ian Brims, 3. Q32 Kyall Fisher, 4. RK31 Brendan Doyle, 5. RK4 Leigh Williams, 5. RK4 Leigh Williams, 6. SSA6 Justin Randall, 7. Q26 Sean Black, 8. Q0 Wayne Randall, 9. Q6 Craig Craft (2 laps). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 2.281, Fastest Lap: 14.624 Q1 Mat Pascoe

Heat 6, 10 Laps: 1. Q1 Darren Kane, 2. N3 Tania Smith, 3. Q15 Gavin Northfield, 4. GL39 Bob McCosker, 5. T8 Steve Latham, 6. BB96 Josh McLaren, 7. Q24 Jack Childs. Time: 2.29.740, Winning Margin: 8.033, Fastest Lap: 14.366 Q1 Darren Kane

A Main, 40 Laps: Washed out after four laps. Race declared a no race.

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Tania Smith ends in the fence with the rain tumbling down in the A Main. Photo courtesy of Ash Media Speedway Footage