Queensland Street Stock Title Up For Grabs

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

This Saturday night at Blackwater Speedway, the Queensland Street Stock Title will be held with thirty three entries received.

A new Champion will be crowned, with last years podium of Darren Giacometti, Anthony Beare and Brad McClure all not entered, but the field does include drivers from South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

The field does include New South Wales Champion, Peter Thompson, and the Northern Territory Champion, Jason Duell, who is based in South Australia.

Other drivers likely to figure on Saturday night include, Travis Hutchison, Robert Trapp, David and Nathan Barbeler, Ben Langton and Sam Brumfield from the Northern Territory to name but a few in the field, for a title which is wide open, with many genuine chances.


Q3 Ryley Haynes
Q4 Laurie Storer
Q7 Travis Hutchison
Q10 Terry McCallum
Q11 Chris Annison
Q14 Bradey Hore
Q15 Richard Cook
NT15 Sam Brumfield
RK15 Randall Voois
S18 Jason Duell
Q21 Jarrod Iacono
Q23 Robert Trapp
RK23 Matthew Storer
Q31 Murray Batley
Q33 Ryan Kahler
Q44 Ashley Barron
NT53 Colin Fry
Q67 Anthony Wust
Q68 Kenneth Simpson
Q71 Gillian Koch
Q75 Steven Hogan
Q81 David Barbeler
Q82 Kane Heidke
V83 John Roycroft
Q88 Nathan Barbeler
C88 Josie Thompson
RK88 Troy Langley
Q93 Fletcher Smith
Q94 Brandon Hough
Q95 James Russell
Q96 Ben Langton
Q99 Peter Thompson
Q888 Roger Langley

Above: Jason Duell on his way to winning the NT Street Stock Title. Picture courtesy of Nikita Pollock