Qld Production Sedan Title This Saturday

by | Feb 28, 2020 | QLD, SSA Production Sedans

The ninth annual running of the Queensland Production Sedan Title will be held at Mothar Mountain Speedway in Gympie, this Saturday night. This will be the third time that Gympie has hosted the State title since its inception in 2012.

A field of 33 drivers includes the defending state champion Josh Harm and the current National Champion Joel Berkley. Both drivers have been in terrific form but will face tough opposition from a host locals. These include former two time Queensland Champion Chris Pagel, Aaron Sander, Doug Rigby, Daniel Henshaw, Josh Crang, Rory Evans, Adrian Stott and Jim Cowley are among some of the strong local drivers who are always tough to beat on their home track.

Former Australia number two Jarrod Peacock could be a wild card in the event along with Bundaberg’s Brad Scherer, and Rockhamtpon’s Kev Young who finished 3rd in the 2018 National Title.

Josh Arthur comes off a win during the Kings Royal weekend against a field of fifty Production Sedans and is a huge chance to win the State title this weekend. A strong contingent out of New South Wales will head north to Gympie this weekend led by Jordan Biviano, Stuart Fawcett, Ryan Green, Mark Quirk and the Graham brothers.

Racing is set to start at 5pm this Saturday night.

The Line Up (33 Cars)

Q1 Josh Harm
A1 Joel Berkley
G2 Chris Pagel
G6 Daniel Henshaw
BB7 Andrew Beaton
G8 Josh Crang
GL15 Richard Cook
G16 Aaron Sander
G17 Neil Keldoulis
L18 Jordan Biviano
SC23 Adrian Stott
BB26 Gary Harris
SC28 Stephen Freeman
G28 Doug Rigby
BB30 Brad Scherer
SC36 Sarah Franz
SB44 Mitchell Bleys
G51 Dan Cook
L53 Ash Graham
L54 Jack Graham
CR57 Thomas Fuller
GL61 Ricky Ingham
SC61 Jim Cowley
M63 Jarrod Peacock
RK63 Beau Smithwick
L65 Stuart Fawcett
CR68 Norm Townsend
L71 Mark Quirk
RK71 Kevin Young
G81 Jamie Beasmore
CR85 Josh Arthur
L96 Ryan Green
G97 Rory Evans

Previous Winners

2012 – Kristian Walker at Gympie
2013 – Tim Atkin at Gympie
2014 – Tim Atkin at Kingaroy
2015 – Chris Pagel at Maryborough
2016 – Tim Atkin at Kingaroy
2017 – Tim Smith at Rockhampton
2018 – Chris Pagel at Kingaroy
2019 – Josh Harm at Maryborough

Photo by Darrell Lockhart