Q & A With National Super Sedan Champion Darren Kane

by | Apr 27, 2020 | QLD, SSA Super Sedans

Author- Allan Smallwood SSA Media

Darren Kane is without doubt one of the finest Speedway Sedan pilots Australia has ever seen with the former Tasmanian resident a blue ribbon event winner across three decades.

Kane recently won his fourth SSA National Super Sedan Title at the Borderline Speedway in Mount Gambier South Australia joining the late Grenville Anderson as a four time National Super Sedan Champion.

Speedway Sedans Australia Media Liaison Representative Allan Smallwood (Smalle) posed some questions to one of the most professional drivers you’ll come across.

AS- Darren Kane a Fourth National Super Sedan Title Victory at Mt Gambier just over a month ago, with everything that is happening in the world right now it must seem like an entirety ago?

DK- Yeah it does the whole world has changed so winning the title has been something that I haven’t thought much about, it’s been more about trying to stay healthy and survive financially.

AS- One of the strongest fields seen for a Super Sedan National Title assembled in Mt Gambier, talk us through the weekend as it was a great spectacle of Speedway Sedan Racing.

DK- The whole weekend was great for the class, Mount Gambier (Borderline) as a track and complex is first class as for me I knew we would be a good chance if we could get through the heats unscathed. I knew we had plenty of speed and as long as we never had any mechanical issues we were a good chance for a good result.

Darren Kane Enjoying a victory lap after victory in Mount Gambier

AS- You won the SA Super Sedan Title a fortnight before the National Title, it must of gave you a lot of confidence racing at Borderline?

DK- Yeah it did I always go well at the momentum style tracks which is what Mount Gambier is. I felt that I had a lot more in myself as a driver after the South Australian Title, I knew where we were set up wise so as a driver I knew it give me a lot of confidence as I like the car a certain way which suits me as a driver.

AS- Where do you rate your victory in comparison to the previous three National Titles that you have won?

DK-This one was obviously very special as to equal Grenville s record is so cool. As a team the last couple of years we had been trying a lot of things which hadn’t suited me as a driver and it had been very tough basically testing at all these shows and not getting the results that I wanted. Emotionally it was a relief to show my critics I can still win these big races which I always knew I could but some people doubted me so to me that’s why it felt special.

AS- SSA Super Sedan racing across the country has just concluded a strong season, it all bodes well for the future of the class, what’s your thoughts?

DK- Yeah I think the class is in a great spot at the moment we have a lot of young drivers coming through. The cost of the class is not as expensive as some of the other sedan classes and we have the crate motor as an option which a couple of drivers run and they have had really good speed and results. So my personal view is the class is starting to get the growth back we’re we enjoying a while ago so hopefully everything keeps going in the right direction.

AS- Your team wheeled out the new Gen 5 Dominator at the start of the season, you probably didn’t have the car speed in those early race meetings that you would have liked?

DK- We sold the car from the previous season so we were on the back foot until we got the new car which I think we finished in December. Adam Beechey down in Tasmania getting one as well certainly helped as we have been working together fast tracking the Gen 5 development. The first two shows in the car we finished second which included the Queensland Title at Kingaroy before we hurt the motor at the first night of the Summer Slam which put us a fair way behind. Next we headed down to Tassie where we finished second in the Grand Prix and then had a DNF in the Grand National in Hobart with a small mechanical issue. It all came together during the three big races in South Australia where we enjoyed our best results of the season.

AS- Tell us about your relationship with Ian Boettcher and the pride you have in racing the Dominator Factory Car on a National Level.

DK- I have been involved with Ian Boettcher for twenty years and been the house driver for Dominator Race cars since 2008. I have always thought they are one of the best brands on the market and obviously Ian has given Brenton and the team the financial backing to pursue the brand. To have his own team for all those years he has such a passion for Speedway and with the race shop so he has done a lot for the sport and myself in his time I have been around.

AS- Many of the younger generation probably wouldn’t remember a time when you raced for yourself back in Tasmania, tell us about the early parts of your Super Sedan career.

DK- Yeah it was before Facebook so it was a while ago now that’s for sure. I started racing in 1989 back in those days Tasmania was always very strong in Super Sedans it was always pretty tough financially but me and my Dad used to work in the shed every night we used to make everything ourselves. Dad used to build my motors we had a small crew of my mates come and help so it was a way that taught me so much about how to race on a small budget we were lucky enough to win three Tassie Titles in that time so it was great times with my family and mates.

AS- Whats left to achieve in Speedway for Darren Kane, or is it a case of just continuing to enjoy your racing?

DK- I believe I have a lot of years left I’m as hungry as I have ever been I have never lost the hunger to win races. It’s built into drivers that’s what drivers never forget how to drive it’s simply putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and making it all work so hopefully there’s a few more titles left in me yet.

AS- There must be plenty of people you would like to thank for making your racing possible.

DK- Yeah Ian Boettcher for letting me drive the car along with Greg Boettcher for all the work he does. Brenton for designing the cars and all the work he puts in along with my Dad who does so much on the car and spends so much of his time during the season with us.

David and Todd who always put a lot of effort into the team Phil for the engine, Daniel for building the cars and the fab work he’s a quite achiever but does a great job. Nathan for his support plus Dan for the graphics along with my mate Boxhead for his help and support.

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