by | Jul 31, 2020 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks, WA

The Kellerberrin Speedway located in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia have a great line up of Speedway Sedans Australia categories set to do battle this Saturday afternoon.

SSA Street Stocks will feature a solid field as they battle it out for the prize money on offer for the 2020 PTQCC Street Stock Open Championships.

The SSA Production Sedans are using Saturday’s event as a tune up for their PTQCC Production Sedan Open Championships to be held in a fortnight’s time.

Racing gets underway from 12pm at the daytime venue.


SSA Street Stocks (18)
3 Gavin Minty
4 Dylan Williams
7 Josh Martinelli
8 Barry Roberts
12 Ryan Penfold
17 Aaron Sutton
19 David Linthorne
24 Tim Matthews
37 Jeremy Ferris
39 Travis Southwell
44 Nate Renfrey
53 Glen Graham
63 Bryden Southwell
73 Richard Hicks
117 Chris Vanzetti
173 Fiona Palmer
195 Lachie Dellar
425 Gareth Jacobson

SSA Production Sedans 18)
4 Travis Clarke
7 Terry Main
9 Allan Barrow
9 Ryan Mitchell
11 Ashley Baker
13 Brad Mitchell
16 Cody Blight
27 Nicholas Porter
27 Jackson Derrick
49 John Castagna
51 Gavin Connelly
55 Murray Cleasby
56 Evert Mostert
61 Jake Blight
71 Darren Blight
78 Jacky Moroney
86 Wayne Leviston
522 Brayden Hobbs

SSA Top Star Junior Sedans (8)
A1 Mitchell Baker
4 Amber Shore
8 Brody Day
13 Elysha Cooper
22 Dean Schofield
73 Blake Palmer
75 Tylah Steele
87 Riley Hanson

SSA New Star Junior Sedans (5)
3 Joshua Wardley
21 Jayden Heelan
21 Jack Tarandetti
33 Summer Shore
34 Baxter Trouchet