Penn Prevails In Geraldton

by | Nov 17, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Nathan Penn has taken out Round Two of the 2018/2019 Cranecorp WA Modified Sedan Series held on Saturday night at the Geraldton City Speedway in the Midwest region of Western Australia.

Penn defeated Jayden McCuish and former state champion Allan Mortimer in the twenty lap main event which went from start to finish without a stoppage.

Eleven Modified Sedans converged on the Geraldton venue for the first time since 2011 with the racing thick and fast throughout the evening.

Nathan Penn dominated the opening heat race which was held in tricky conditions with Mick Reynolds claiming heat two.

Jayden McCuish stormed home in heat three to win the final heat race of the night with the Moora based peddler also claiming the Southern Stump & Mulching Services Shootout.

McCuish and Penn shared the front row for the feature race with Penn getting the jump at the start.

Allan Mortimer quickly moved into third place in the early laps with Reynolds, Rick Musarra and state champion Anthony King having a great battle for fourth place.

By the halfway point of the feature race Penn had got out to a three second lead with McCuish and Mortimer comfortable in the minor placings.

Reynolds would run wide on lap twelve falling back to seventh place momentarily before finding a way back past Branden Fraser for sixth.

Nathan Penn would go on to win the third WA Modified Sedan Series round of his career with McCuish closing the gap in the concluding stages to be gallant in second.

Allan Mortimer had a lonely twenty laps to finish third with Rick Musarra and Anthony King rounding out the top five.

Round Three of the 2018/2019 Cranecorp WA Modified Sedan Series will be held on Saturday 22nd December at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway.

Official Results

Heat 1, 10 Laps: 1. W57 Nathan Penn, 2. W58 Jayden McCuish, 3. W13 Mick Reynolds, 4. W74 Allan Mortimer, 5. W1 Anthony King, 6. W2 Branden Fraser, 7. W17 Merv Penn, 8. W6 Paul Stevens, 9. W3 Shane Dubberlin, 10. W21 Rick Musarra, 11. W22 Brett Mills (0). Time: 2.56.961, Winning Margin: 0.531, Fastest Lap: 18.212 W13 Mick Reynolds

Heat 2, 10 Laps: 1. W13 Mick Reynolds, 2. W74 Allan Mortimer, 3. W58 Jayden McCuish, 4. W21 Rick Musarra, 5. W6 Paul Stevens, 6. W17 Merv Penn, 7. W57 Nathan Penn, 8. W2 Branden Fraser (6), 9. W1 Anthony King (6), 10. W3 Shane Dubberlin (6). 11. W22 Brett Mills (1). Time: 3.02.253, Winning Margin: 6.258, Fastest Lap: 17.501 W13 Mick Reynolds

Heat 3, 10 Laps: 1. W58 Jayden McCuish, 2. W6 Paul Stevens, 3. W21 Rick Musarra, 4. W2 Branden Fraser, 5. W57 Nathan Penn, 6. W74 Allan Mortimer, 7. W13 Mick Reynolds, 8. W1 Anthony King, 9. W17 Merv Penn, 10. W22 Brett Mills, 11. W3 Shane Dubberlin (3 laps). Time: 3.01.514, Winning Margin: 2.088, Fastest Lap: 17.623 W1 Anthony King

Southern Stump & Mulching Services Shootout Winner- Jayden McCuish

Feature Race, 20 Laps: 1. W57 Nathan Penn, 2. W58 Jayden McCuish, 3. W74 Allan Mortimer, 4. W21 Rick Musarra, 5. W1 Anthony King, 6. W13 Mick Reynolds, 7. W2 Branden Fraser, 8. W6 Paul Stevens, 9. W17 Merv Penn (19 laps), 10. W22 Brett Mills (19), 11. W3 Shane Dubberlin (5). Time: 5.52.673, Winning Margin: 0.789, Fastest Lap: 17.055 W57 Nathan Penn

The 2018/2019 Cranecorp Australia WA Modified Sedan Series is proudly supported by

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Photo: Nathan Penn
Photo courtesy of Midwest Speedway Photography
Details courtesy of Allan Smallwood Jnr