by | Oct 31, 2022 | QLD, SSA Super Sedans

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Current and four-time National Champion Matty Pascoe has won a hectic second round of the McCosker Super Sedan brought to you by Kempy Race Pipes at Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway.

On a track that had copped an enormous amount of rain, Pascoe ran the last part of the feature race with a broken left rear shock!

Earlier in the evening Trent Wilson, Brad Pascoe, and Mitchell Gee were victorious in the opening round of heat races.

In the second round of heats Hayden Brims, Pascoe, and Rockhampton’s Harry Doyle greeted the chequers to win their second heat race.

Pascoe qualified on pole for the forty lap main event with Wilson joining Pascoe on the front row. Pascoe jumped to an early lead with Wilson, Brad Pascoe, and Mitchell Gee squabbling over the minor placings. The caution lights were out for the first time at the end of lap two when Brad Pascoe hooked a rut hard and broke the pan hard bar ending his night.

With Pascoe slow on track drivers had to take evasive action, Steve Jordan would unfortunately find the wall and also end his night prematurely.

Racing was back underway briefly only for Scott Taylor to ride the wall in turns one and two in what was a wild moment that would lead to the end of his race.

Another caution at the resumption with Tasmania’s Adam Beechey hooking a rut which pulled the tyre off the rim. Beechey would spin, and Michael Larsen, Josh McLaren and Tyson Moon would all make contact and be forced to exit the race with suffering significant damage.

Racing finally got off to long green flag stretch with Pascoe getting out to a dominant lead. The battle for minor placings raged on with Toowoomba’s Sean Black having made it to second after starting from eighth. Hayden Brims, Wilson, Harry Doyle and Gee all battled hard over third, fourth, fifth and sixth, putting on a great display for the fans. Wilson’s race would come to an ugly end on lap twenty six when he went barrel rolling down the back straight. Having washed wide out of turn two, Wilson hit the concrete wall and was sent into a violent tumble. Wilson thankfully emerged from the car unscathed, but would join the growing parking lot on the infield.

At the resumption Brims would jump to second, from Black in third, and Doyle in fourth. Black and Doyle would make contact on lap thirty which would end Black’s race with a broken diff, and Doyle was disqualified for the contact.

During this caution period it was discovered Pascoe had broken the left rear shock and would be going the remainder of the race with a constantly bouncing left rear tyre. In an awesome display of car control it wouldn’t hold Pascoe up at all and he would run the final ten laps comfortably out front and would go on to secure his second win of the season.

Brims would cross the line second, with Gee rounding out the podium in third. Zac Brims who earlier won the B Main stormed through the field to finish fourth after starting from twenty first. Bob McCosker would round out the top five in his brand new Dominator Chassis.

Press Release by Luke Nichols.

Official Result

McCosker Super Sedan Series Round Two brought to you by Kempy Race Pipes A Main – 40 laps 1. A1 Matty Pascoe, 2. N77 Hayden Brims, 3. Q11 Mitchell Gee, 4. N29 Zac Brims, 5. Q39 Bob McCosker, 6. Q12 David Musch, 7. Q6 Ty Pascoe, 8. V3 Mick Nicola, 9. Q47 Barry Craft (39), 10. Q77 Michael Roza (38), DNF Q26 Sean Black (30), Q36 Darren Kane (28), Q44 Trent Wilson (26), Q15 Gavin Northfield (17), Q28 Zac Pascoe (10), T14 Adam Beechey (4), Q8 Michael Larsen, Q96 Josh McLaren (4), N47 Tyson Moon (4), Q13 Scott Taylor (4), Q18 Brad Pascoe (2), Q10 Steve Jordan (2), Q48 JJ Hamilton (0), DISQ Q31 Harry Doyle