Pascoe Wins Round Three

by | Oct 28, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Matty Pascoe has won round three of the Brims Concrete Super Sedan Series, supported by McCosker Contracting, at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway, leading all the way.

The race originally scheduled for forty laps, was reduced to thirty but went thirty one, with Pascoe leading all of them, followed closely throughout by Darren Kane, while Gavin Northfield was third for the entire race after lap two.

Leigh Williams made up a stack of positions throughout the race, finishing fourth after starting from position twelve.

Pascoe and Kane both set the quickest time of the race (14.725), which went without major incident, with just Tania Smith (27 laps), Gordon Shaw (6), Sean Black (5) and Nicholas OKeeffe (2) failing to finish the race.

Earlier Trent Wilson, Darren Kane, Matty Pascoe and Tania Smith would win the four qualifying heats. Numerous drivers in the opening heat would find the turn four fence, in the tricky early conditions.

Round four of the series will be held on Saturday, 24 November at Rockhampton, with drivers now to focus on the Queensland Super Sedan Title, to he held on Saturday, 10 November at Bundaberg.


Heat One, 11 laps: 1. Q44 Trent Wilson, 2. Q15 Gavin Northfield, 3. Q3 Graeme Elliott, 4. Q15 Mat Pascoe, 5. Q4 Leigh Williams, 6. Q41 Kyall Fisher, 7. Q77 Sam Roza. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.204. Fastest Lap: 14.226 Q15 Gavin Northfield.

Heat Two, 10 laps: 1. Q36 Darren Kane, 2. Q12 David Musch, 3. Q20 Nicholas OKeeffe, 4. N3 Tania Smith, 5. Q39 Bob McCosker, 6. Q8 Gordon Shaw (9). DNF: Q26 Sean Black (3), Q0 Justin Randall (0). Total Time: 2.27.875. Winning Margin: 9.072. Fastest Lap: 13.829 Q26 Sean Black.

Heat Three, 10 laps: 1. Q15 Mat Pascoe, 2. Q15 Gavin Northfield, 3. Q44 Trent Wilson, 4. Q41 Kyall Fisher, 5. Q4 Leigh Williams. DNF: Q77Sam Rosa (5), Q3 Graeme Elliott (5). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.707. Fastest Lap: 14.819 Q15 Gavin Northfield.

Heat Four, 8 laps: 1. N3 Tania Smith, 2. Q12 David Musch, 3. Q36 Darren Kane, 4. Q39 Bob McCosker, 5. Q0 Justin Randall, 6. Q26 Sean Black, 7. Q20 Nicholas OKeeffe. DNF: Q8 Gordon Shaw (4). Total Time: 3.46.294. Winning Margin: 3.416. Fastest Lap: 14.590 N3 Tania Smith.

Feature, 31 laps: 1. Q15 Mat Pascoe, 2. Q36 Darren Kane, 3. Q15 Gavin Northfueld, 4. Q4 Leigh Williams, 5. Q44 Trent Wilson, 6. Q41 Kyall Fisher, 7. Q0 Justin Randall, 8. Q12 David Musch, 9. Q39 Bob McCosker (30), 10. Q77 Sam Roza (30), 11. Q3 Graeme Elliott (29. DNF: N3 Tania Smith (27), Q8 Gordon Shaw (6), Q26 Sean Black (5), Q20 Nicholas OKeeffe (2). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: Not Available. Fastest Lap: 14.725 Q15 Mat Pascoe/Q36 Darren Kane. Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.647, Fastest Lap: 14.725 Q15 Mat Pascoe & Q36 Darren Kane

Photo courtesy of Angryman Photography