Pascoe Wins in Brisbane

by | Dec 1, 2019 | QLD, SSA Super Sedans


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Author : Allan Smallwood SSA Media

Current National Super Sedan Champion Matt Pascoe dominated proceedings last night during Round Four of the 2019/2020 McCosker Super Sedan Series held at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway in Brisbane.

Fifteen cars were on hand for the Super Sedans first hit out for the season at the venue that has a long history of hosting major events for all classes of Speedway.

Heat Race wins earlier in the night were shared between Trent Wilson, Bob McCosker, Matt Pascoe and West Australian Gary Higgs who was debuting a brand new Sweet Chassis ahead of a big Eastern Coast Campaign.

Pascoe lead the main event from start to finish with former National Champion Darren Kane working his way through the field into the runner up position by the end of the thirty laps.

Trent Wilson rounded out the podium with Gary Higgs fourth by race end. Justin Randall who qualified on the outside of the front row aboard his Rocket Chassis retired from a strong position with six laps remaining.

Super Sedans in the Sunshine State will now turn their attention to the QLD Super Sedan Title to be held at the IBRP Kingaroy Speedway on Saturday 14th December 2019.

Official Results

Heat One, Ten Laps- 1. 44 Trent Wilson, 2. 33 Justin Randall. 3 A1 Matt Pascoe, 4. 26 Sean Black, 5. W81 Gary Higgs, 6. 47 Barry Craft, 7. 2 Craig Hammond

Heat Two- Ten Laps- 1. 39 Bob McCosker, 2. 77 Sam Roza, 3. 3 Tania Smith, 4. 63 Justin Smithwick, 5. 36 Darren Kane, 6. 91 Ed Doherty, DNF 51 Zac Pascoe (3), 7 Colin Kaine

Heat Three- Ten Laps- 1. W81 Gary Higgs, 2. 36 Darren Kane, 3. 26 Sean Black, 4. 77 Sam Roza, 5. 39 Bob McCosker, 6. 63 Justin Smithwick, 7. 51 Zac Pascoe

Heat Four- Ten Laps- 1. A1 Matt Pascoe, 2. 91 Ed Doherty, 3. 33 Justin Randall, 4. 44 Trent Wilson, 5. 3 Tania Smith, 6. 47 Barry Craft, 7. 2 Craig Hammond, DNF 7 Colin Kaine, (3)

A Main, 30 Laps- 1. A1 Matt Pascoe, 2. 36 Darren Kane, 3. 44 Trent Wilson, 4. W81 Gary Higgs, 5. 77 Sam Roza, 6. 39 Bob McCosker, 7. 3 Tania Smith, 8. 63 Justin Smithwick (29), 9. 91 Ed Doherty (29), 10. 2 Craig Hammond (29), 11. 51 Zac Pascoe (29), DNF 33 Justin Randall (24), 47 Barry Craft (20), 7 Colin Kaine (3), 26 Sean Black (0)

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Photo by 44 Photography