by | Jan 15, 2024 | SSA Super Sedans, TAS

Press Release Courtesy of Super Sedans Tasmania, Images by Angryman Photography.

Queenslands Brad Pascoe is your new Tasmanian Super Sedan Champion after outlasting the field in the 2024 Buckby Motors Tasmanian Super Sedan Title and round three of the NSSS National Super Sedan Series at Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway.

Defending Champion, Jamie Collins of Victoria qualified on pole position for the forty lap A Main after topping the points standings after four rounds of heats.

Tasmania’s Adam Beechey joined Collins on the outside of the front row. Night one leader Mick Nicola Jnr started from third, and was joined on the second row by New South Wales Champion Matty Pascoe.

Brad Pascoe started from fifth, with Tasmanian veteran David Nichols on his outside starting from sixth.

Collins got the better of the start and jumped to an early lead. Beechey followed in second, from Matty Pascoe in third, Nicola Jnr in fourth, Brad Pascoe in fifth and Callum Harper in sixth.

Matty Pascoe was building the momentum up on the top side of the track and drew level with Beechey after five laps. Beechey and Pascoe ran side by side for a number of laps before Pascoe finally got clear and into third position on lap seven.

Just behind that battle Brad Pascoe was also making the top side work taking fourth on lap nine from Nicola Jnr.

Brad Pascoe moved to third two laps later on lap eleven, relegating Beechey to fourth.

Collins up front was under all sorts of pressure from Matty Pascoe in second as Brad Pascoe bought into the battle for the lead.

The top seven had cleared away from the chasing pack with the gap from Collins in the lead to Nichols in seventh just two and a half seconds after twelve laps.

Nicola Jnr got loose in turns three and four allowing Harper and Mick Nicola Snr through to fifth and sixth.

The opening caution of the race was out on lap fourteen for a stricken Michael Hally in turn four.

Collins led from the restart and put a little gap between himself and the pair of Pascoe’s in second and third.

The caution was out again on lap seventeen for Nicola Jnr whose race ended in disappointment after a strong weekend.

Harper was also out on lap seventeen, pulling infield under caution, and requiring the assistance of the tow truck to get to a safe position.

Collins led at the resumption from Matty Pascoe, Brad Pascoe, Beechey, Nicola Snr and Nichols with twenty three laps remaining.

Nichols moved into the top five on lap twenty three, driving around the outside of Nicola Snr.

Nichols’ car was good on either line and he took fourth from Beechey two laps later on the inside.

Up front Collins was under the pump from Matty Pascoe, who was under the pump from Brad Pascoe, in a great battle between the three state champions.

Matty Pascoe running the top side, was under pressure from his son Brad on the inside. Brad showed the nose to Matty, and Matty was able to use the high side momentum to clear around his son, and change lane to the bottom of the track.

Brad moved to the top side and rounded up his father to take second position with thirteen laps remaining.

Brad completed his ascension to the lead a lap later passing Collins through turns one and two on lap twenty eight.

Brad quickly cleared away, as Matty moved by Collins to take second on lap twenty nine.

Brad was rapid through traffic, perfectly executing his passes to always keep at least one lap car between himself and Matty in second.

Brad raced away in the closing stages to claim his maiden Tasmanian Title and second state title overall.

Matty crossed the line two seconds back in second completing the Pascoe one-two finish.

Nichols reeled in Collins in the closing stages and took third on the final lap to complete the all Sweet Chassis podium.

Collins was next across the line in fourth ahead of Luke Gunn in fifth.

Beechey crossed the line in sixth, ahead of Steve Latham in seventh, who stormed through the field after transferring from the B Main.

Leon Cleary was next across the line in eighth, ahead of Nathan Howells in ninth who also made big progress after transferring from the B Main. Laura Davidson rounded out the top ten.

Attention now turns to this weekends Grand Prix which will also be the fourth round of the NSSS National Super Sedan Series at Latrobe.

2024 Buckby Motors Tasmanian Super Sedan Title

A Main – 40 laps

1. Q1 Brad Pascoe, 2. N1 Matty Pascoe, 3. T3 David Nichols, 4. T1 Jamie Collins, 5. T12 Luke Gunn, 6. T14 Adam Beechey, 7. T8 Steve Latham, 8. T5 Leon Cleary, 9. T7 Nathan Howells, 10. T61 Laura Davidson, 11. Q6 Zac Pascoe, 12. V3 Mick Nicola Snr, 13. T73 Grant Hopkins, 14. S93 Kym Jury (39), 15. T49 Aaron Dillon (39), 16. T9 Gil Aylett (39), 17. T18 Dwaine Sonners (38), 18. T4 Marcus Alexander (38), DNF W4 Lee Aylett (32), T22 Callum Harper (17), V23 Mick Nicola Jnr (17), Q98 Michael Hally (14).