Pascoe Leads All The Way in Hobart

by | Jan 26, 2020 | SSA Super Sedans, TAS

It may seem repetitive but Matt Pascoe is unstoppable currently in SSA Super Sedan racing as he dominated once again last night at the Solo Hobart Speedway in Tasmania during the running of the 2020 Schweppes SSA Super Sedan Grand National.

Pascoe lead home another Sweet Chassis in the form of former National Champion Mick Nicola SNR with Steve Latham’s strong week continuing with a solid third place aboard his Monaro Bodied T8 Rocket Chassis.

Queensland’s Matt Williams twice worked his way back through the field aboard his Q3 Dominator to finish fifth just behind Victorian Jamie Collins who stayed out of trouble to finish fourth.

The form that Pascoe has shown this season makes him a red hot favourite for 2019/2020 SSA National Super Sedan Title to be held at the Borderline Speedway in Mount Gambier South Australia in early March.

Official Result of the 2020 Schweppes SSA Super Sedan Grand National

A Main, 50 Laps: 1. A1 Matt Pascoe, 2. V3 Mick Nicola SNR, 3. T8 Steve Latham, 4. V34 Jamie Collins, 5. Q3 Matt Williams, 6. T41 Adam Beechey, 7. NQ44 Trent Wilson, 8. T8 Corey Smith, 9. N21 Darren Anning, 10. T48 Wayne Dillon, 11. Q4 Leigh Williams, 12. T47 Lucas Dillon, 13. T7 Nathan Howells, DNF T61 Laura Davidson, Q26 Sean Black, N57 Tyson Moon, W4 Lee Aylett, N19 Dion Bennett, W9 Kemble Aylett, S93 Kym Jury, Q36 Darren Kane, DQ T38 Jayden Triffett

Action Shot of National Champion “Mr Sweet” Matt Pascoe by Angryman Photography