Pagel Wins Classic Production Sedan Title

by | Apr 22, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Chris Pagel has won a thrilling Queensland Production Sedan Title at the Kingaroy Speedway on Saturday night, with the lead changing hands seven times, going all forty laps without a stoppage in a spectacular A Main.

Tim Atkin elected to start on the outside for the main event, with Pagel getting the jump, with Atkin taking the lead back on lap three.
Queensland Champion, Tim Smith, who started on the second row, would be the first driver to retire, as Pagel and Atkin continued to battle for the lead.

Josh Harm moved to third with the demise of Smith, but he came under pressure from Steve Jordan, who eventually passed Harm on lap eight.

Josh Crang and Josh Harm would swap fourth place on four occasions mid race, before Josh Arthur joined in the battle.

Pagel regained the lead on lap eighteen, only to see Atkin take the lead back two laps later. Josh Arthur had passed both Crang and Harm to move to fourth.

Atkin held the lead for three laps before Pagel again took control, with Jordan still sitting in third place. Josh Harm had moved back to fourth, but that was short lived, with Arthur fighting back immediately.

Crang who was in the battle for fourth would pull infield soon after as Pagel and Atkin continued the titanic battle out front, moving clear of the opposition. Atkin took the lead again with three laps remaining, but Pagel was not done with, hitting the lead again on the final lap, to win an absolute classic.

Steve Jordan would finish third, a position he held from lap seven, with Josh Harm finishing fourth, while Josh Arthur would suffer a flat tyre on the final lap, with National Champion Trevor Mills finishing fifth.

For Pagel it is his second Queensland Title win, winning the event previously at Maryborough in 2015.

A Main, 40 Laps: 1. G2 Chris Pagel, 2. G15 Tim Atkin, 3. SC7 Steve Jordan, 4. SB11 Josh Harm, 5. A1 Trevor Mills, 6. N65 Stuart Fawcett, 7. B15 Brett Baxter, 8. N56 Justin Hawkins, 9. M63 Brayden Pacey, 10. M08 Alex Sweeney (39 Laps), 11. Gl15 Richard Cook (39), 12. N2 Madison Harkin (38), 13. SC61 Jim Cowley (38), 14. SC16 Aaron Sander (35), 15. M15 Josh Arthur (39). DNF: 16. G10 Daniel Henshaw (28), 17. G8 Josh Crang (25), 18. SC23 Adrian Stott (13), 19. V30 Stephen Laidlaw (10), 20. Q1 Tim Smith (1). Time: 12.11.703, Winning Margin: 0.912, Fastest Lap: 17.694 G2 Chris Pagel

Photo courtesy of Tony Scriven