Opening Round In the Books

by | Oct 13, 2019 | SSA Junior Sedans, SSA Production Sedans, SSA Street Stocks


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Author : Allan Smallwood SSA Media

The opening round of the Ellenbrook versus Moora Challenge got underway last night at the Ellenbrook Speedway, with drivers from both clubs competing across the Street Stocks, Production Sedans and Junior Sedans for points.

In the Street Stocks it was James Westerman coming from pole position alongside Ryan Penfold, but with battled three and four wide behind them it was surprise package Matthew Iwanow who came from position eight to grab the lead.
After an early race restart Penfold was spat out from the field, while Westerman moved through for second alongside Ben Norman before the two came together and spun. The field would restart with Iwanow going on to record the win over Norman and Penfold.

The Production Sedans took a few goes to get underway with Jake Blight leading Josh Fraser, Wayne Leviston and fellow front row starter Rick Musarra. With one complete Blight was forced infield with heavy smoke coming from the engine, which handed Fraser the lead.

Despite significant challenges, Fraser was able to hold on and claim the win from Musarra and a hard charging Jayden McCuish.

Courtesy of the nights results, preliminary points have Ellenbrook drivers leading the series, with the second round to be held at Moora on the 26th of October 2019.

Official Results

Street Stock Feature Race Fifteen Laps: 1. 195 Matthew Iwanow, 2. 66 Ben Norman, 3. 12 Ryan Penfold, 4. 81 Peter Walker, 5. 8 Dave Watson, 6. 112 Gary Blee, 7. 77 Daniel Sutton, 8. 19 David Linthorne, 9. 105 Glenn Vanzetti, 10. 28 James Westerman, 11. 104 Donna Vanzetti, 12. 314 Sean Puttick, 13. 37 Jeremy Ferris, 14. 57 Rodney Passamani, 15. 39 Travis Southwell. DNS: 50 Cody Balchin, 83 Stefani Ameduri, 109 Brendan Vanzetti. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: Race Declared. Fastest Lap: 23.2346 195 Matthew u.

Production Sedan Feature Race Twelve Laps: 1. 5 Josh Fraser, 2. 21 Rick Musarra, 3. 58 Jayden McCuish, 4. 3 Frank Does, 5. 9 Allan Burrows, 6. 49 John Castagna, 7. 114 Daniel Flavel, 8. 13 Brad Mitchell, 9. 43 George Lanoue (11). DNF: 98 Jayden Maughan (11), 39 Jeff Kendall (10), W17 Craig Lenane (9), 55 Murray Cleasby (7), 86 Wayne Leviston (6), 112 Warren Flavel (1), 61 Jake Blight (1), 59 Erika Vary (0). DNS: 7 Terry Main, 19 Ryan Mitchell, 53 Leon Wood, 88 Bruce Bell. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.111. Fastest Lap: 22.697 21 Rick Musarra.