Oldfields Perfect Ten

by | Sep 23, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe SSA Media

Jamie Oldfield has achieved one of the biggest wins of his career today at Ellenbrook Speedway as he claimed his tenth win in the annual RDA 100/Brian Rose Memorial event for Street Stocks.

Oldfield was nothing but class throughout the entire weekend, claiming three heats wins from six starts to set up a second row start in the feature alongside brother Warren Oldfield, himself a former winner of the event, while the front row was shared by high points man and another former winner of the event in Anthony Beare and

Mick Hamon who was yet to taste success in the Brian Rose.
Former National Champion Brad McClure was slated to start from position five but elected to start from the rear for some bonus money, while Beare elected to start from position two.

Hamon would lead Beare into the first turns with the two Oldfield�s side by side for third while behind them was a snarling pack of drivers desperate to gain positions, fighting tooth and nail in an effort to gain an advantage.

Jamie moved inside Beare on lap three and grabbed second as the top three began to pull away from the rest of the field while Jace Kempton made the moves on Warren Oldfield for fourth.

Hamon then ran wide on lap six which allows Jamie to dive underneath and take the lead. Hamon dove back on the inside but Jamie would hold position and lead the sixth lap.

Shortly after, Beare also looked to advance and he and Hamon went side by side, the duo making contact before Beare pulled into second on lap nine. As this was happening Oldfield pulled away from them with a huge gap, but a stoppage with twelve laps complete negated that, Marty Kelly coming to a stop in turn one.

Oldfield led away at the restart and again built a big lead until again it was nullified, Warren Oldfield spinning in turn four to bring out the yellows and Daniel Ameduri being sent to the rear for contact in the incident that the rest of the field were lucky to avoid.

Again Oldfield would lead away, but the yellows came back out again for Darren Forrest who found himself buried in turn three, needing rescuing before he was able to restart.

The next start saw Freddy Kinsella spin and continue in front of the pack, lucky not to be hit but up ahead it was Oldfield leading Beare, Kempton and the battling duo of Warren Oldfield and Hamon.

As the laps wound down Beare began to slowly close the gap but again the yellows came out, this time for Victorian Jason DeGoldi who had spun in turn two.

As the race went green again, this time Beare did not let Oldfield get away, with Kempton and Hamon also close behind, but as the old saying goes, restarts breed restarts and David Padmore was the next cause, spinning in turn two with nine laps remaining.

The next restart saw Peter Herbert making his presence felt, moving under Warren Oldfield for fifth and able to hold the pass, then two laps later yet another yellow light came out for Anthony Heelan who spun, leaving Ameduri and DeGoldi to also spin to avoid him.

For the final time the race went under green flag conditions, the top five of Oldfield, Beare, Hamon, Kempton and Herbert pulling away from the rest very quickly.

A lap later Herbert would move under Kempton for fourth and from here it became all about the top four, Oldfield having a half lose that bunched them up. With four to go Herbert made the move on Hamon for third and grabbed the position, then applied the pressure on Beare for the next few laps as he looked to take second.

Just ahead though Jamie Oldfield would race away to grab the win by just over one second, his tenth in the events history, while Beare able to hold off Herbert for second while Hamon finished in fourth. Jace Kempton, Paul Joss, Warren Oldfield, Lenny Bates, Freddy Kinsella and Daniel Ameduri would round out the top ten.

The next show at Ellenbrook Speedway will be the grand finale meeting on the 13th of October.

A Main, 30 laps: 1. S46 Anthony Beare, 2. W7 Mick Hamon, 3. W85 Warren Oldfield, 4. W51 Jamie Oldfield, 5. V24 Brad McClure, 6. W83 Daniel Ameduri, 7. W44 Peter Herbert, 8. W55 Jace Kempton, 9. V74 Lenny Bates, 10. W26 David Padmore, 11. W69 Paul Joss, 12. V27 Jason De Goldi, 13. W199 Phil Lycholit, 14. W9 Marty Kelly, 15. V41 Darren Forrest, 16. W318 Freddy Kinsella, 17. W25 Bradley Roberts, 18. W21 Anthony Heelan, 19. W66 Ben Norman, 20. W16 Jack Barnewall.
1. W51 Jamie Oldfield, 2. S46 Anthony Beare, 3. W44 Peter Herbert, 4. W7 Mick Hamon, 5. W55 Jace Kempton, 6. W69 Paul Joss, 7. W85 Warren Oldfield, 8. V74 Lenny Bates, 9. W318 Freddy Kinsella, 10. W83 Daniel Ameduri, 11. W26 David Padmore, 12. V27 Jason De Goldi, 13. V41 Darren Forrest, 14. W21 Anthony Heelan, 15. V24 Brad McClure, 16. W199 Phil Lycholit (29). DNF: W16 Jack Barnewall (12), W9 Marty Kelly (12), W66 Ben Norman (5). DQ: W25 Bradley Roberts. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.038. Fastest Lap: 23.539 S46 Anthony Beare.