by | Aug 24, 2020 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Vastly experienced competitor Warren Oldfield has held on to win a shorten SSA Street Stock Feature Race at Ellenbrook Speedway yesterday afternoon.

The race saw many stoppages occur with the event being declared after just eight laps were completed.

Collie’s Paul Joss claimed victory in both his heat races earlier in the day with single victories going to Hayden Norman and Oldfield.

Oldfield lead the early laps of the main event from Joss, Norman, Damon Thomson and Moora’s Brendan Vanzetti.

A number of stoppages prevented the race from getting into much of a rhythm before a number of green flag laps saw the leaders get away from the rest of the field.

2018 WA Street Stock Champion Hayden Norman climbed over the side of the Paul Joss Holden Commdore as they entered turn three with both drivers retiring to the infield with suspension damage.

Oldfield held off the advances of Damon Thomson in the closing laps before the race was declared with Gordon Wyatt working his way into third as the chequered flag fell.

Vanzetti and Thomson

The SSA Street Stocks are back in action at the Ellenbrook Speedway on Sunday 6th September 2020.

SSA Street Stock Feature Race, Fifteen Laps: 1. W51 Warren Oldfield, 2. W10 Damon Thompson, 3. W95 Gordon Wyatt, 4. W109 Brendan Vanzetti, 5. W39 Travis Southwell, 6. W53 Glen Graham, 7. W14 Barry Roberts, 8. W77 Daniel Sutton, 9. W68 Justin Hurst, 10. W22 Richard Wells, 11. W75 Mick Comley, 12. W2 Marty Kelly. DNF: W63 Bryden Southwell (3), W6 Hayden Norman (2), W69 Paul Joss (2). DNS: W3 Gavin Minty, W65 Keith Fitzgerald, W83 Daniel Ameduri. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: Declared. Fastest Lap: 22.327 W51 Warren Oldfield

Photos by Peter Roebuck