by | Jan 2, 2022 | SSA Junior Sedans, WA

Images by Jake Meadley Imagery

Beau Oldfield has delivered a faultless performance at the Esperance Speedway on Sunday Night to claim victory in the 2021/2022 MLP Civil SSA Junior Sedan WA State Title.

Oldfield lead all twenty five laps of the main event to defeat Esperance local Chris Dickerson & Kalgoorlie’s Kayne Dellar in an outstanding night of racing.

A healthy crowd and near perfect weather conditions for Speedway Sedan Racing was served up as the SSA Junior Sedans again provided a great spectacle for the paying public.

All fifty competitors in the MLP Civil Speedway Sedans Western Australia Junior Sedan State Title returned for night two with defending champion Jhy Pack replacing an engine overnight in his Autopro Treendale Hyundai Excel.

Port Hedland’s Hunter Downs bounced back from an disappointing opening night to claim victory in the opening heat after Moora’s Taj Vanzetti was relegated to third place after originally crossing the line in first.

It was the battle of the Mirage’s in heat seventeen as Beau Oldfield held off held off Esperance local Charlie Tate by 0.5 seconds to go through the heat race competition undefeated and claim pole position for the A Main.

Cars were racing two and three wide throughout the field in heat eighteen as Jacob Hill lead for the first five laps before Katie Goodwin had the heaviest crash of the weekend, hitting the concrete wall head on in turn one.

Goodwin was unhurt as att the restart Chris Dickerson sweep around the field to record his third heat win of the weekend guaranteeing himself a front row start for the twenty five lap decider.

Kalgoorlie’s Kayne Dellar was faultless in heat nineteen winning by nearly two seconds from Jayden Heelan & Baxter Trouchet.

Jaxon Buszan got his State Title back on track to record an all the way win in heat twenty over Narrogin’s Blake Palmer & Zach Munro.

The opening B Main was plagued with many stoppages with just seven cars finishing the race, as Geraldton’s Zak Turner came from position fifteen to transfer through in to the main event along with Tyler Scott & Kayde Anthony.

Jaxon Buszan suffered a heavy crash during the race after battling for the lead with Travis Strelley & Cade Munro also suffering misfortune while in a transfer position.Polesitter for B Main Two Brody Day fell back through the field in the early circulations allowing Logan Brown, Hunter Downs & Olivia Earle to assume control.

Downs retired to the infield with steering damage on lap eight as Jayden Heelan hit the race lead advancing through along with Kai Leeson & Olivia Earle.

The Twenty Two finalists received their medallions from major sponsors MLP Civil prior to the start of the twenty five lap A Main.

Oldfield got the initial jump over Chris Dickerson, Kayne Dellar & Taj Vanzetti with the first stoppage eliminating Baxter Trouchet from the race.

Mount Barker’s Jarrod Pearce was deemed the primary cause of the next two stoppages ending his race prematurely after qualifying in ninth position.

Oldfield continued to lead after every stoppage from Dickerson & Dellar.Bryce Fisher was the next casualty retiring with a flat right front tyre in the Aylmore Motors Hyundai Excel as the race began to gather pace.

With fifteen laps remaining Jayden Heelan brought about the next stoppage after collecting the concrete wall in turn three as the defending champion Jhy Pack slowly started working his way through the field from his position twelve starting spot.

The race began to intensify as Oldfield started to feel the pressure from Dickerson with Dellar & Vanzetti enjoying a great battle for third place.Newman’s Donny Davis moved from eighth into fifth place as Charlie Tate fell into the clutches of Jhy Pack & Zach Munro.

Try as he may Chris Dickerson couldn’t find a way past Beau Oldfield in the concluding stages as Dellar continued to hold off Vanzetti for third.

It would Beau Oldfield’s weekend as the fourth generation driver crossed the line just over a second clear of Chris Dickerson, Kayne Dellar, Taj Vanzetti with Newman’s Donny Davis rounding out the top five.Esperance local Charlie Tate was sixth with Jhy Pack coming home in seventh place after a tough title defence.

Zach Munro, Blake Palmer & Bradley Chant made it a trio of Hyundai Excels to round out the top ten.Beau Oldfield was a very popular winner of the event as he joined his cousin Bradley as a WA Junior Sedan Champion.

The officiating team from Speedway Sedans Western Australia was full of praise for the Esperance Speedway Association on what was a great weekend at the South East venue.

Official Results of Night Two of the MLP Civil Speedway Sedans Western Australia Junior Sedan State Title.

Heat Sixteen, Eight Laps- 1. W89 Hunter Downs, 2. W71 Olivia Earle, 3.W121 Taj Vanzetti, 4. W43 Jorja Davies ,5. WA08 Tyler Scott, 6. W28 Sean Kirwan, 7. W17 Travis Strelley, 8. W83 Kai Leeson, 9. W24 Chloe Lawton (7), 10. W9 Brock Barrett (7).

Heat Seventeen, Eight Laps- 1. W84 Beau Oldfield, 2. WX24 Charlie Tate ,3. W22 Jarrod Pearce ,4. W3 Donny Davis, 5. WX George Tate, 6. WA26 Zakiya Costa, 7. W49 Jasmin Kennedy, 8. W666 Sophie Goodwin (6), 9. W182 Damian Fletcher (3).

Heat Eighteen, Eight Laps- 1. WA87 Chris Dickenson 2. W52 Bradley Chant 3. W31 Jesse James Samuals 4. WA24 Cade Munro 5. W15 Matthew Thomson 6. W88 Jacob Hills 7. W26 Nathen Brown 8. WA3 Summer Shore 9. W646 Holly Goodwin, DNF WA21 Logan Brown (3) W656 Katie Goodwin (3).

Heat Nineteen, Eight Laps- 1. W95 Kayne Dellar 2. W21 Jayden Heelan 3. W34 Baxter Trouchet 4. WA22 Zak Turner 5. W80 Bryce Fisher 6. W12 Ben Steers 7. W606 Jackson Goodwin 8. W2 Max Lang 9. W173 Kaden Harrison (7) DNF W8 Brody Day (4).

Heat Twenty, Eight Laps- 1. W199 Jaxon Buszan 2. W73 Blake Palmer 3. W138 Zach Munro 4. WA1 Jhy Pack 5. W87 Brock Pearce 6. W18 Harrison Beres 7. W10 Kayde Anthony 8. W4 Emma Ahearn 9. W19 Alicia Short 10. W33 Teliah Bosley.

B Main One, 20 Laps- 1. WA22 Zak Turner, 2. W08 Tyler Scott, 3. W10 Kayde Anthony, 4. W28 Sean Kirwan, 5. W2 Max Lang, 6. W24 Chloe Lawton, 7. W182 Damien Fletcher (10), DNF W17 Travis Strelley (16), WA24 Cade Munro (16), W31 Jesse James Samuels (13), W606 Jackson Goodwin (13), W18 Harrison Beres (9), W12 Ben Steers (9), W666 Sophie Goodwin (7), W199 Jaxon Buszan (6), W646 Holly Goodwin (5), W87 Brock Pearce (3).

B Main Two, 20 Laps- 1. W21 Jayden Heelan, 2. W83 Kai Leeson, 3. W71 Olivia Earle, 4. WA8 Brody Day, 5. WA21 Logan Brown, 6. W49 Jasmin Kennedy, 7. W26 Nathan Brown, 8. WA3 Summer Shore, 9. W4 Emma Ahearn, 10. W88 Jacob Hill, 11. W33 Teliah Bosley, 12. W9 Brock Barrett (16), DNF W89 Hunter Downs (8), WA26 Zakiya Costa (5), W173 Kaden Harrison (5), W16 Alicia Short (1). DNS W656 Katie Goodwin.

A Main GRID (25 Laps)1.W84 Beau Oldfield, 2. WA87 Chris Dickerson, 3. W95 Kayne Dellar, 4. WX24 Charlie Tate, 5. W138 Zach Munro, 6. W73 Blake Palmer, 7. W121 Taj Vanzetti, 8. W22 Jarrod Pearce, 9. W80 Bryce Fisher, 10. W52 Bradley Chant, 11. W3 Donny Davis, 12. W1 Jhy Pack, 13. W43 Jorja Davies, 14. W34 Baxter Trouchet, 15. W15 Matthew Thomson, 16. WX22 George Tate, 17. WA22 Zak Turner, 18. WA21 Jayden Heelan 19. W08 Tyler Scott, 20. W83 Kai Leeson, 21. W10 Kayde Anthony, 22. W71 Olivia Earle.


1. W84 Beau Oldfield, 2. WA87 Chris Dickerson, 3. W95 Kayne Dellar, 4. W121 Taj Vanzetti, 5. W3 Donny Davis, 6. WX24 Charlie Tate, 7. W1 Jhy Pack, 8. W138 Zach Munro, 9. W73 Blake Palmer, 10. W52 Bradley Chant, 11. W83 Kai Leeson, 12. W10 Kayde Anthony, 13. W15 Matthew Thomson, 14. WX22 George Tate, 15. W43 Jorja Davies, DNF W08 Tyler Scott (19), W21 Jayden Heelan (10), W71 Olivia Earle (10), W80 Bryce Fisher (7), W22 Jarrod Pearce (5), WA22 Zak Turner (4), W34 Baxter Trouchet (1).