Oldfield Makes It Nine

by | Sep 23, 2017 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Jamie Oldfield has today continued one of the most historic blue ribbon streaks in Australian Speedway as he claimed his ninth win in the annual Brian Rose Memorial/RDA 100 at Ellenbrook Speedway.

Despite not being dominant in the heats, his win, second place and fifth plkace were enough to start out of position four in the thirty lap feature, behind high points man Brad McClure and fellow front row starter Hayden Norman, and alongside brother Warren Oldfield.

As the twenty four car field went green for the first time, there was contact between a few of the front cars as they jostled for position, which saw Norman facing the wrong way with Peter Herbert, Phil Lycholit, Josh Martinelli and James Westerman just some of the cars involved in the ensuing incident. Luckily Lycholit was the only one unable to restart.

Take two at a start attempt and McClure would lead away Jamie who used the lowline to perfection ducking underneath Norman in third, who was then followed by Warren Oldfield.

One lap would be complete before the yellows came on again, this time for a stranded Westerman in turn one.

The next restart would again see McClure and Jamie Oldfield away from the rest in a three lap green flag stanza. In that time Norman would be forced to retire infield, while just as this happened Daniel Ameduri hit the turn one wall, Damon Lyall piling in behind him, while Freddy Kinsella and a couple of other cars would also get involved to bring out the yellows with four complete.

On the restart Oldfield would stay on McClure�s tail, and then got a good run coming out of two on lap seven to move underneath McClure and grab the lead. Just as they crossed the line though, some back markers came together and bought out the yellows, negating the move.

The restart would this time see Oldfield move straight to the outside, where he was able to power by McClure and grab the lead for the second time, this time the move sticking as the lap was completed.
Warren Oldfield would hold down third until a slight mistake on lap eleven saw Matt Amato and Daniel Ameduri able to move through, while Warren would then retire a few laps later.

Ameduri moved through into third and from there the top four began to spread out, while behind them there was action aplenty, with a number of drivers making charges through the field.

With ten to go Jamie led Mcclure, Ameduri, Amato and a hard charging Herbert who started eleventh, while a lap later the second Victorian visitor in Jason De Goldi would retire infield with a flat tyre. Around this time Jason Oldfield, who had been one of the only drivers using the highline, began to make some real progress, storming past Herbert into the top five.

By lap twenty five Oldfield had finally found his way into lapped traffic, which would hold him up momentarily, allowing McClure to close the gap. Oldfield though would use his skills and expertise to weave his way through, putting a couple of cars between himself and McClure, an advantage he would use to go on and win his ninth Brian Rose Memorial/RDA 100 by over two seconds.

McClure would hold on for second, with another former winner in Daniel Ameduri home in third.

A number of drivers impressed throughout the day with some strong runs and good results, with seven drivers sharing the heat wins: just McClure and Norman winning two apiece. Freddy Kinsella won a hotly contested B Main event from Evan Wakefield, Ethan Genev and Ryan Penfold, while Anthony Heelan was incredibly unlucky, leading the B Main until lap thirteen when he suffered a flat tyre and was forced infield, costing him a berth in the big dance. Kinsella and Wakefield were unable to complete the main event distance, but Penfold advanced eleven spots, while Genev passed thirteen cars to be the hard charger.

Also on the program Blake Iwanow and Beau Oldfield won the Top Star and New Star Junior feature races respectively, while Warren Flavel won an exciting Production Sedan event.
Despite today only being scheduled to be the first day of action, due to the weather forecast for tomorrow the decision was made by RDA officials to run the whole event today. If the weather holds out tomorrow, a club show will be run. Stay tuned to the website and Facebook for the latest information on whether tomorrow�s show will run.

Brian Rose Memorial/RDA 100 Street Stock Feature Result – 30 laps: 1. W0 Jamie Oldfield, 2. V24 Brad McClure, 3. W83 Daniel Ameduri, 4. W82 Matt Amato, 5. W63 Jason Oldfield, 6. W89 Carl Pickersgill, 7. W25 Peter Huntjens, 8. W44 Peter Herbert, 9. W88 Peter Dowie, 10. W4 Ethan Genev, 11. W81 Peter Walker (29), 12. W28 James Westerman (29), 13. W12 Ryan Penfold (29). DNF: W7 Josh Martinelli (26), W31 Cody Avins (25), V183 Jason DeGoldi (21), W318 Freddy Kinsella (16), W85 Warren Oldfield (13), W37 Damon Lyall (12), W57 Rodney Passamani (10), W94 Kieran Norman (6), W121 Evan Wakefield (4), W6 Hayden Norman (3), W17 Phil Lycholit (0). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.145. Fastest Lap: 23.089 W0 Jamie Oldfield.