by | Dec 13, 2020 | QLD, SSA Modified Sedans

The Modified Sedan Summer of Speed in Queensland was simply a name to bring hype and excitement to four individual Modified Sedan events being held in succession over the holiday season in the lead up to the Kings Royal. However, it’s just got real as a wonderful group of sponsors have come onboard to put up some impressive series prizes at the end of the four rounds.

The following 5 gold sponsors have tipped in $500 each:

Sidtech (cash)
AHI (cash)
Shock Absorber Therapy (cash)
IBRP (vouchers)

While the following silver sponsors have tipped in $250 each:

Immortal Rollcages (cash)
Total Epoxy Flooring (cash)
Cush Clothing Co. (cash)

This mean $3,250 (so far) in cash and vouchers has now been secured for the end of series prize pool that will be paid out at the conclusion of the four nights of the Summer of Speed. 

1. $1000 cash + $500 Fabhouse voucher
2. $500 cash + $500 IBRP voucher
3. $500 cash 
4. $250 

Plus, if the winner of the Summer of Speed had run an American Racer on their Right Rear all four nights, they win a new tire from Mark Cooper direct at American Tire & Racing Services. 

However, we aren’t ready to stop there and are still looking for more gold and silver sponsors to add to this kitty. 100% of these funds will go back to the drivers, so message Ryan Harris now if you want to help us top up the prize purse some more. 


The series payout will be based on finishing positions in the feature ONLY. Heat points will not count towards ‘the series’ and the feature points will use normal points as per the rule book. 36 points for first, 28 points for second etc.

As it stands right now, if you win all four rounds you’ll now pocket a cool $7,000 for your efforts across two weekends.

Ryan Harris will be responsible for paying out the end of series prize money and prizes. 

Huge thanks must go to Sid Whittaker for his help putting this together at very short notice. 

Nominations are open for all four rounds and close Sunday 20 December.


R1 – Carina (26 December)
R2 – Gympie (27 December)
R3 – Toowoomba (2 January)
R4 – Brisbane (3 January) 


Carina – nominate via their Facebook page
Gympie – nominate via their website
Toowoomba – nominate via Ryan Harris
Brisbane – nominate via Ryan Harris

Please see the previous posts regarding each rounds individual payout. 

Huge thanks for all the following sponsors for making this series and the individual events possible:

Pro1 Race Parts 
PS Designer Homes 
GTR Fabrication
Steering & Suspension Warehouse 
Petersen Painting
Shock Absorber Therapy
Immortal Rollcages
Total Epoxy Flooring
Cush Clothing Co.