by | Mar 12, 2023 | SSA Street Stocks, WA

Press Release by Morgan Melvin.

Fresh off his first South West win last night at Collie, Hayden Norman continues his winning ways in round three of the ODH Mechanical North/South Shootout at Tyrepower Manjimup Speedway.

Norman again started from the pole and was the trendsetter in the 30-Lap Street Stock Stampede, defeating local David Fall and Lenny Bates.

With the win, Norman has now led 82 consecutive laps in Feature Races over the weekend. Norman and Fall would lead the field to green in the closing event of the Tyrepower Manjimup Speedway season.

An epic race for the minor places went on as the top four, including Lenny Bates and Jack Yates, found their groove. Shane Whild, Jack Barnewall, Jace Kempton, Paul Briggs, Cody Avins, Peter Dowie, Ashton McClintock, Zane Humphreys, and Jake Williams are all going for the last spot in the top five.

The first 18 laps went nonstop until an accident along the back straight, seeing both Dowie and Humphrys retire from the race.

From here, the dominos started to fall, with Yates slowing on lap 18 and Shane Whild losing the right rear on lap 25, leaving us with a five-lap race to the line.

Ben Norman had worked his way behind Bates for third until the last lap, where Bates would spin, and Norman deemed the cause of the stoppage, leaving a Green-White-Checkered Finish.From there, a quick restart would not slow Norman, as he took his second win for the weekend.

The ODH Mechanical North/South Shootout will take a break until the SSA Street Stock WA State Title, held at Port Hedland Speedway in June.


Street Stocks A-Main, 31 Laps: 1. W6 Hayden Norman, 2. WA10 David Fall, 3. W74 Lenny Bates, 4. W16 Jack Barnewall, 5. W55 Jace Kempton, 6. WB12 Paul Briggs, 7.WB24 Jake Williams, 8. W7 Josh Martinelli, 9. WA23 Matt Lowe, 10. WA81 Damien Amato, 11. W46 Ron Pocock, 12.WC23 Jamie Simmonds (28), 13. WA26 Brendan Fagan (28), 14. W14 Lance Beaver (28), DNF: W66 Ben Norman (29), WB26 Ashton McClintock (28), W2 Shane Whild (25), NT15 Jack Yates (18), WA11 Adrian Whild (18), W39 Zane Humphreys (17), W88 Peter Dowie (17), WA31 Cody Avins (10), WB31 Tristan Stroet (6)