Norman Breaks Through in Brian Rose Memorial

by | Oct 1, 2019 | SSA Street Stocks, WA


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Author : Allan Smallwood

Former WA Street Stock Champion Hayden Norman has held on to win a dramatic thirty lap main event yesterday afternoon in the 2019 edition of the Brian Rose Memorial.

Norman defeated Victorian Mick Dann and Collie�s Cody Avins in a race that had four different leaders with many competitors suffering cruel luck.

Ten Time Winner Jamie Oldfield and Norman shared the front row with Oldfield leading the early laps from Norman and WA Champion Jack Barnewall with the three of them braking away from the rest of the field.

Norman found a way past Oldfield after eight laps with the former two time National Champion retiring from the race shortly after.

Barnewall was also out after fourteen laps with the leader then enjoying nearly a ten second advantage before the first stoppage of the race on lap nineteen for a spinning Jace Kempton.

Both Kempton & Josh Martinelli retired during the stoppage with Mick Hamon and Hayden Norman engaging in a great battle for the lead with both Hamon and Paul Briggs finding a way past Norman.

Briggs then set about pressuring Hamon for the lead with the Collie Tyre & Exhaust Ford Falcon hitting the front with four laps remaining.

Hamon collected the front straight wall as both Briggs and Norman went by before spinning in front of Mick Dann.

Dann was able to restart with Hamon�s race coming to an end on lap twenty seven which was heartbreak for the former National Champion.

Briggs lead the field to the green with three laps remaining with the luckless Collie driver slowing on the exit of turn two with the diagnosis latter pointed to a lack of fuel.

Another restart was called as Briggs was collected by the some of the back markers as he retired from the race handing the lead back to Norman for the run home.

Hayden Norman would go on to record his first victory in his home club�s major blue ribbon event for Street Stocks with Mick Dann putting in outstanding drive to finish second after starting in position sixteen.

Cody Avins was a model of consistency all weekend to round out the podium with Evan Wakefield and Ken Macpherson
both coming from deep in the field to finish in the top five.

Brian Rose Memorial Feature Race Result, 30 laps: 1. 6 Hayden Norman, 2. V0 Mick Dann, 3. 31 Cody Avins, 4. 91 Evan Wakefield, 5. 14 Ken Macpherson, 6. 12 Ryan Penfold, 7. 44 Peter Herbert, 8. 21 Anthony Heelan, 9. 18 Jack Favero, 10. 35 Craig Clayton, 11. 28 James Westerman. DNF: 122 Paul Briggs (28), 26 David Padmore (26), 3 Mick Hamon (27), 27 Damon Lyall (22), 66 Ben Norman (21), 96 Paul Joss (21), 7 Josh Martinelli (19), 55 Jace Kempton (19), 5 Jeff Rogers (17), WA1 Jack Barnewall (13), 0 Jamie Oldfield (9), 57 Rodney Passamani (4), 81 Peter Walker (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.924. Fastest Lap: 23.090 122 Paul Briggs.