Norman Back On Top

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Latest News, Results


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

After some time away from his beloved Street Stocks in recent weeks, Hayden Norman has tonight returned to the winners circle, this time at the Moora Speedway.

Despite not winning a heat, Norman was never outside the top three in the heats and qualified himself on the front row for the feature race alongside local driver Gavin Minty who himself won two heats.
As the main race went green it was all Norman as he raced away from Minty, while behind them was a gaggle of cars fighting for position.

Norman would go on to take a strong win from Minty, with Clayton Blee able to weave his way through and survive some close moments in a pack of cars to cross the line in third.

Also on the program, the final event of the Moora season, was Production Sedans, with the feature won by Sean Bowen, while WA Junior Sedan Champion Blake Iwanow won all three of the Juniors heats then led every lap of the feature to claim yet another main event win for the season.

Feature, 1. W76 Hayden Norman, 2. W3 Gavin Minty, 3. W4 Chas Skipworth, 4. W110 Clayton Blee, 5. W15 Dale Cockman, 6. W12 Gary Blee, 7. W18 Daniel Stanley, 8. W7 Len Choules, 9. W111 Jordan Vanzetti, 10. W78 Gene Hannington, 11. W38 Trevor Dace, 12. W92 Isaac Arnold.
1. W76 Hayden Norman, 2. W3 Gavin Minty, 3. W110 Clayton Blee, 4. W18 Daniel Stanley, 5. W12 Gary Blee, 6. W4 Chas Skipworth, 7. W15 Dale Cockman, 8. W111 Jordan Vanzetti. DNF: W7 Len Choules (13). DNS: W38 Trevor Dace, W78 Gene Hannington, W92 Isaac Arnold.

Details provided by Scott Beattie