by | Mar 2, 2024 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Official Release Courtesy of WA Modified Sedans.

He hasn’t spent much time behind the wheel over the last two seasons, but Clint Noakes was near perfect in his return to victory lane, winning the Grand Final of the 2023/2024 Steven Ceilings WA Modified Sedan Series at Albany’s Atwell Park Speedway.

Noakes won all three of his heat races, the Field Mining Services Group Shootout and led every lap of the Main Event defeating Luke Fraser and Laurie Dowsett.

Clint was joined by brother Matt on the front row, but they were quickly separated as Dowsett had a great start. Getting into second place early.

The trio would be able to break away from Peter Fraser and Co’, but it was his son Luke on the charge as he headed towards the front.

Anthony King would be the first driver to retire but he would be joined quickly by Matt Noakes who would slow and bring out the lone caution for the main event at the midway point of the feature.

While Clint would continue to be in control, the battle between Dowsett and Peter and Luke Fraser would take the attention of everyone as Luke would play it smart, first working by his father, then capitalising on a mistake by Dowsett to get into the runner-up position.

Luke Fraser would close in and be the fastest car on track over the last few laps, but it wasn’t enough as Noakes would return to the winner’s circle for the first time this season.

Earlier on in the night, Clinton Theyer had a scary moment getting up on two wheels and almost going upside down, he was able to save the roll but the car went heavily into the wall.

Heat race wins also went to Matt Noakes, Dowsett and Luke Fraser.

Drivers will now get to work and prepare themselves for a huge night of racing tomorrow night as the South Coast Classic is revived for Modified Sedans.


A Main, 20 Laps- 1. W3 Clint Noakes, 2. W15 Luke Fraser, 3. W14 Laurie Dowsett, 4. W0 Peter Fraser, 5. W29 Sam McAuley, 6. W6 Paul Stevens, 7. W88 Shane Brittain, 8. W31 Kevin Ellement, 9. W18 Adam Houston, 10. W92 Shane Devonshire (19), 11. W27 Mike Kinnear (19), 12. W17 Merv Penn (19). DNF: W20 Matt Noakes (6), W51 Anthony King (4), W11 Alby Van Dongan (4). DNS: W4 Clinton Theyer. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.505. Fastest Lap: 18.621 W14 Laurie Dowsett.