by | Apr 18, 2022 | SSA Super Sedans, VIC

Press Release by Super Sedans Victoria.

Mick Nicola Jnr has pulled off the unthinkable going back to back Victorian Super Sedan Title wins in a stout field. Nicola Jnr slid by Roberts with 2 to go, and ran away from there.

Lucas Roberts went to work from early in the day with the top 8 cars transferring into the bronze, silver and gold time trials. Roberts stormed through the ranks of this and put the V0 on the front row with Tasmanian Steve Latham. Setting up a grid to be drooled at for the 50 lap Main Event.

Callum Harper put on a spectacle in the cars 9-16 qualifying position dash.

Harper was dominant in his push for one last shot at the surface before the main.

Dave Gartner would go on late in the night to win the B Main in his last chance look at the developing race surface at Heartland.

Battling through a few early cautions, Lucas Roberts had the better of starts to the race and quickly controlled the lead. Mick Nicola Jnr and National Champion Matty Pascoe settled in close for the 50 lap long haul.

With one last caution around lap 35, Nicola Jnr would have one last attack on Roberts to finish the race. With 2 to run, the current Victorian Champ would close the distance and go in for the pass on Roberts and making it stick.

Nicola Jnr would run home and claim back to back victories in the SSA Victorian Super Sedan Title and be the very first winner of the North South 50.

Roberts would remain in second with Matty Pascoe third. Brad Pascoe would move up one by one to finish a solid fourth with Steve Latham rounding out a hard fought top five.

Callum Harper, Corey Smith, Darren Giacometti, Ash Bergmeier and David Nichols made up the final ten. With Paul Kranitis the final car to finish the full race distance in eleventh.

Dave Gartner, David McKenzie, Wayne Dillon, Jason Piccone, Paul Blenkiron, Andrew White, Mick Nicola Snr, David Musch, Darren Anning and Ben Faulkhead would all finish their Title shot from the infield prematurely.

Official Result

A Main, 50 Laps- 1. V1 Mick Nicola Jr, 2. V0 Lucas Roberts, 3. A1 Matt Pascoe, 4. Q18 Brad Pascoe, 5. T8 Steve Latham, 6. T22 Callum Harper, 7. T6 Corey Smith, 8. V12 Darren Giacometti, 9. V16 Ash Bergmeier, 10. T3 David Nichols, 11. N57 Paul Kranitis, DNF B57 Tyson Moon (34), S18 Dave Gartner (34), V24 Dave Mackeznie (34), T48 Wayne Dillon (34), S22 Paul Blenkiron (34), N23 Andrew White (21), V3 Mick Nicola Sr (17), Q12 David Musch (15), N21 Darren Anning (14), V41 Ben Faulkhead (8).