by | Dec 13, 2020 | QLD, SSA Street Stocks

Image by 44 Photography

Victorian Matt Nelson has successfully defend the SSA Street Stocks QLD State Title last night at the Ian Boettcher Race Parts Kingaroy Speedway.

Thirty seven SSA Street Stocks from three states and one Territory converged on the Showgrounds venue for the seventh running of the event.

Local hope Josh Harm and Nelson shared the front row for the forty lap decider with Ben Stead and Nathan Barberler soon battling with the two leaders. 

Harm soon cleared away from Barbeler, Nelson and Stead before the first stoppage of the race. 

As the leaders began to move through the lap traffic Barbeler and Nelson started to challenge Harm with the crowd served up some top shelf sedan racing.

Harm had the race in his keeping as he worked his way through the back markers, before Luke Wilkinson spun in front of the control tower bringing on the yellows with ten laps to run.

When the race got back underway Nelson began throwing everything at Harm with Ben Stead driving his Ford Falcon to its limits in his battle with Nathan Barbeler.

The race came to a thrilling conclusion with Harm barely holding off Nelson with Ben Stead third by race end.

Unfortunately Josh Harm would be disqualified at post race scrutineering handing Nelson his second QLD State Title from Stead, Barbeler and Victorian Shane Roycroft the only drivers to finish on the lead lap.

Speedway Sedans Australia categories have a huge amount of major events coming up just after Christmas and into the early part of 2021 with the action sure to be hot this summer.

Official Result of the 2020/2021 SSA Street Stocks QLD State Title.

A Main, 40 Laps- 1. V61 Matt Nelson, 2. SB10 Ben Stead, 3. SB88 Nathan Barbeler, 4. V82 Shane Roycroft, 5. CR23 Robert Trapp (39), 6. V81 Dylan Campton (39), 7. BB82 Kane Heidke (39), 8. N81 Chris Marino (39), 9. C99 Peter Thompson (39), 10. SB33 Darren Ciesiolka (39), 11. SC39 Gordon Midolo (39), 12. SC13 Steve Cook (39), 13. RK68 Kenneth Simpson (39), 14. CR31 Luke Wilkinson (38), 15. N38 Ben Cartwright (38), 16. BB94 Brandon Hough (38), 17. NT11 Jake Koivumaki (37), 18. V65 Felicity Roycroft (35), DNF V13 Dale Morrison (38), SC99 Callum Auld (18), N33 Bruce Johnson (9), SB96 Ben Langton