National Title Commences Tomorrow

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The Speedway Sedans Australia, JAC Civil, National Production Sedan Title is only a day away, with the event highly anticipated, with a record seventy entries for the event to be held at the Maryborough Speedway.

Never have so many Production Sedans entered for a National Title on the Eastern Seaboard, with National Title holder Trevor Mills heading a long list of contenders.

Only two drivers, Ron Belfield and Stephen Laidlaw have won the event twice since the first event in 2001, showing how hard the event is to win, and how competitive the category is.

In the early years the event was dominated by Victorians and West Australians, but more recently, drivers from New South Wales and Queensland have come to the forefront, and with only a small Victorian contingent, and only one West Australian, that trend seems likely to continue.

Many drivers have performed well this season, in one of the most wide open titles in many years.

Mills will undoubtedly be hard to beat, and is always prominent in big events. Speedway Sedans Australia will have the most comprehensive coverage of the National Production Sedan Title, commencing Friday, with Scrutineering and Official Practice, which will include Live Audio of Practice, and regular video updates during the day from Scrutineering. Speedway Sedans Live will have unrivaled live streaming of both nights of racing, with results on Facebook, the Website, Race Monitor and Speedhive, with comprehensive articles on all days of competiton.

Official Nominations

Q0 Scott Thomsen QLD
A1 Trevor Mills NSW
Q2 Jeff Pahl WA
Q3 Brad Scherer QLD
Q4 Malcolm Kernke QLD
Q5 Nicholas Cook QLD
Q6 Rick Hazelgrove QLD
Q7 Travis Hutchison QLD
Q8 Alex Sweeney QLD
Q9 Joel Berkley QLD
Q10 Russell Cowley QLD
Q11 Josh Harm QLD
N12 Steven Terry NSW
Q14 Daniel Henshaw QLD
Q15 Josh Arthur QLD
Q16 Aaron Sander QLD
Q17 Neil Keldoulis QLD
Q18 Brendon Bayfield QLD
N19 Monique Bailey NSW
N21 Damien McAlister NSW
Q22 Zachary Harris QLD
Q23 Adrian Stott QLD
Q24 Chris Pagel QLD
Q25 Selina Jennings QLD
V26 Gemma Laidlaw VIC
N27 Wayne Bourke NSW
Q28 Scott Duthie QLD
N29 Steve Downes NSW
V31 Stephen Laidlaw VIC
Q32 Brody Fraser QLD
N33 Craig McAlister NSW
Q34 Brian Grundy QLD
Q35 Brett Baxter QLD
Q36 Tim Smith QLD
Q37 Andrew Beaton QLD
Q38 Maddi McGee QLD
N39 Kiel Rosevear NSW
N41 Mark Quirk NSW
S44 Adam Wilson SA
Q45 Joel Thomas QLD
Q47 Steve Jordan QLD
Q48 Brett Barron QLD
N49 Johnny Ralph NSW
Q51 Richard Cook QLD
Q53 Jarrod Peacock QLD
V55 Jack Milthorpe VIC
N56 Justin Hawkins NSW
Q57 William Graham QLD
N58 Trent Nicolia NSW
N59 Aaron Hall NSW
Q61 Jim Cowley QLD
Q63 Brayden Pacey QLD
N65 Stuart Fawcett NSW
Q66 Matty Smith QLD
Q68 Kayla Stokes QLD
Q71 Kev Young QLD
N75 Matthew Vicary NSW
Q78 Josh Crang QLD
N79 Matt Hutchison NSW
N81 Darren Dalton NSW
N83 Chris Besseling NSW
N85 Cameron Vicary NSW
Q88 Craig Harm QLD
Q89 Wade Flikweert QLD
Q95 Ashley McKellar QLD
Q96 Amy Evans QLD
Q97 Patrick Brennan QLD
V98 Ray Ussher VIC
Q115 Tim Atkin QLD
V158 Brendan Harper VIC