National Champ Headlines MJS Grand Final

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Latest News


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Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The grand final of the MJS Street Stock Series will be held this Saturday night at the Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway.

The field of in excess of thirty drivers will contest the Grand Final, which promises a great night of racing, with National Champion, Anthony Beare heading the line-up.

Drivers might be able to take comfort in the fact that Beare has not won a Feature Race in South Australia this season, and has not raced for a month, so the National Champion may be a little rusty, but apart from that Beare will again, as always, be incredibly hard to beat.

Mick Dann, who finished second to Beare in the National Title is also in the field, as is Nigel Reichstein, who has had a very good season. Corey Sandow also of Victoria, who finished second to Beare in 2018 in the National Title is also entered, ensuring a great night of racing.

Justin Brumfield, Darren Flatman, Craig Buchanan, Jayden Edwards and Neville Nitschke are also amongst the strong line-up.

Racing will commence at 4.30pm CST, with events scheduled also for Junior Sedans.


A1 Anthony Beare
S0 Moss Buchanan
V0 Mick Dann
S2 Anthony Buchanan
S4 Ben Tuttle
NT5 Justin Brumfield
S7 Craig Buchanan
S11 James Jamieson
S14 Nigel Riechstein
S15 Cheyanne Richter
NT15 Sam Brumfield
S17 Carey Weston
S19 Phil Watson
S22 Darren Flatman
V22 Corey Sandow
S23 Ben Whitehead
S27 Cade Cox
S29 Nathan Thorne
V44 Aaron Graham
S51 David McEwin
S52 Heath Thorne
S55 Matt Maynard
S57 Jemma Chapman
S58 Neville Nitschke
S59 Haydon Jolly
S62 Trae Ballantyne
V79 Wade Fell
S82 Tori Tillbrook
V83 Scott Mason
S87 Jayden Edwards
V92 Nikita Wilson