National 4s Title Saturday Night

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Cairns Speedway, in Northern Queensland will this Saturday night host the final State Title of the season, when the Queensland National 4s Title will be held.

With no defending Champion in the field, the only previous winners in the field are Tim Weir and Rodney Midolo, but there are several drivers in good form, with several local drivers from Cairns who have been performing well, particularly Darryn Collins.

Speedhive and Race Monitor will be available with updates also provided via Speedway Sedans Lives coverage of the National Junior Sedan Title, which will be run concurrently in Darwin.


CN11 Darryn Collins
SC13 Matthew Bielby
CN14 Lea Jones
G15 Bevan Burton
G17 Tim Weir
CN19 Ian Turner
G22 Graham Dawson
CN23 Buddy King
CN25 Nathan Hewitt
SC31 Brayden Mooney
CN33 Colin Cornaggia
SC37 Rodney Midolo
SB38 Breeanna Webber
CN38 Brandon Wyatte
CN60 Matt Woodham
CN999 Benjamin Powell