Musarra Sizzles in Geraldton

by | Jan 6, 2020 | SSA Production Sedans, WA


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Author : Allan Smallwood SSA Media

Rick Musarra went to victory lane on Saturday Night in the 20th Annual Production Sedan Sizzle held at the Geraldton City Speedway.

2017 Western Australian Production Sedan Champion Drew Ogle took the lead after Geraldton local Ashley Baker spun on the opening lap after sharing the front row with Ogle.

Rod Musarra found a way past Ogle with the duo swapping the lead in the early stages.

A fierce battle was on the for the minors when Rod Musarra retired from the race on lap eleven with his brother Rick moving into second.

Gavin Connolly and Clint Noakes retired at the midway point as Barry Rose moved into contention passing Kane McDiarmid for third place.

Musarra moved past Ogle on lap twenty two for the lead with Rose moving past Ogle for second as the laps would down.

Rose through everything at Musarra but couldn’t find a way past with Musarra winning by just 0.118 of a second.

Shane Brittain stole third place on the final lap from Ogle with Kane McDiarmid rounding out the top five.

Preparations have already begun for the 21st Production Sedan Sizzle to held in early 2021.

Official Result of the 20th Annual Production Sedan Sizzle.

A Main, Thirty Laps: 1. 21 Rick Musarra, 2. 181 Barry Rose, 3. 88 Shane Brittain, 4. 13 Drew Ogle, 5. 30 Kane McDiarmid, 6. 11 Ashley Baker, 7. 58 Jayden McCuish, 8. 31 Jason Walsh, 9. 2 Casey Paech, 10. 28 Jason Whitehead, 11. 17 Craig Lenane (29), 12. 20 Ashley Whitehead (28), DNF 76 Leon Wood, 19 Bradley Short, 23 Clint Noakes, 114 Daniel Flavel , 12 Rod Musarra, 9 Tim Maughan, 112 Warren Flavel, 51 Gavin Connolly