Modified Sedan State Title At Maryborough

by | May 1, 2018 | Latest News

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

The much anticipated Queensland Modified Sedan Title, will be held this Saturday and Sunday nights, at the Fraser Shores, Maryborough Speedway, with forty five drivers entering.

Defending Champion, Rodney Pammenter has just returned to racing, and it was like he had never left, winning at Toowoomba last Saturday night, setting two track records along the way.

Modified Sedan racing in Queensland is highly competitive, with Pammenter looking to become the first driver since Gary Pagel (1998, 1999, 2000) to successfully defend his title.

Three weeks ago, a quality field raced at Maryborough in support to the National Production Sedan Title, with the drivers racing three wide, providing high quality racing along with some spectacular crashes thrown in.

The field is full of drivers capable of winning the event, including two time winner and last years runner up, Aidan Raymont along with 2015 Champion, Brodie Boss. Raymont has won six Feature events this season, and has the strongest form leading into the event, but with such a strong field, form will need to be combined with luck to win the main event.

Former National Champions, Matty Smith and Greg Worling are also in the field, with this seasons runner up, Kye Walters is also entered, while Brodie Boss, David Jacobi and Steve Jordan are amongst a long list that can not be discounted.

Official Nominations

N3 Greg Worling
G4 Glenn Pagel
MK5 Kent Menzies
CN6 Steven Manly
B7 Steve Jordan
CR8 Rodney Pammenter
G8 Lee Steffens
SB8 Aaron Seiler
SB10 Pacey Clegg
CN11 Dave Manly
GL11 Tony Coomber
SC11 Steve Blackburn
B12 Jake Hawkins
MK12 Brodie Boss
N15 David Jacobi
G16 Bradley Jennings
MK19 Wayne Gilroy
SC22 Shannon Blackburn
MK23 Matt Smith
SB24 Scott McDermott
T25 Adam Jorgensen
G26 Jamie OMeara
G28 Aidan Raymont
T28 Hayden Stephensen
G29 Jessica OMeara
CR32 Nathan McDonald
CR33 Darren Ciesiolka
RK41 Matt Thomas
RK43 Brenton Scott
SB48 Brett Barron
MK56 Darren Severs
V61 Matt Nelson
CR62 Tim Smith
M63 Brayden Pacey
C69 Russell Harris
CR72 Shane Langton
CR73 Lee Volk
MK75 Myles Gilroy
CR77 Michael Langton
CR78 Peter Gray
SB88 David Barbeler
C89 T J Horne
CR93 Kye Walters
CR95 Kerry Lack
CR111 Peter White