by | Jul 9, 2020 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Official Release

One of the longest running events for SSA Modified Sedans in Western Australia the annual Far Western Championships will be contested this Saturday Afternoon at the Shark Bay Speedway.

Nine entries have been recevied with Carnarvon pilots Jarrod Rick, and the Harpers Glenn & Kathryn set to relish the opportunity to race against some of the southern pilots.

Rick Musarra won the Far Western Championships in 2018 for the class and is joined in the field by Shane Dubberlin and Bunbury veteran Adam Houston.

Shark Bay local Mick Reynolds is the defending Far Western Champion in SSA Modified Sedans and will have a tough task trying to defeat the visitors.

Racing from 9am

Nominations (8)

W3 Shane Dubberlin 
W6 Kathryn Harper
W13 Mick Reynolds
W18 Adam Houston
W21 Rick Musarra
W47 Jarrod Rick
W77 Greg “Footy” Robinson
W111 Glenn Harper