Mills Goes Back To Back

by | Apr 15, 2018 | Latest News, Results

Author : Jason Crowe – SSA Media

Trevor Mills has successfully defended his Speedway Sedans Australia, National Production Sedan Title at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway on Sunday Night.

In a thrilling final, the race had multiple leaders before Mills took control in the concluding stages.

In a tactical move, Mills, the highest qualifier, elected to start on the outside for the main event, with former National Champion, Tim Atkin, starting from pole position. It was a move that did not pay off for Mills, as Atkin immediately took the lead, with Mills persisting on the outside.

Brad Scherer got a great start after starting on the third row, moving to third very quickly, before passing Mills a lap later to move to second.

On lap six the first stoppage occurred when Josh Arthur hit the fence in turn four, giving the drivers an early break after a frenetic start. Atkins, prior to the stoppage had a small lead, as Jeff Pahl also retired at the stoppage.

Upon the resumption, Atkin continued to lead, as Brad Scherer got the better of Trevor Mills, who then found himself under pressure from Joel Berkley, with the duo running side by side for several laps before being joined by Chris Pagel in a thrilling three way battle.

On lap fourteen the race changed complexion again, as the leader, Tim Atkin suffered a flat tyre, which left Brad Scherer with a commanding lead. Mills and Berkley continued the brilliant battle for second place, as Chris Pagel got sideways in the main straight, spinning leaving Josh Harm nowhere to go, slamming into Pagel, eliminating both from the event while in fifth and seventh respectively. Harm had stormed through the field after competing in the B Main, and was devastated with him demise from the race.

The right front ball joint collapsed on Joel Berkleys car, eliminating night ones highest qualifier from the race while in third, as Mills tried to stay with Scherer who was still showing plenty of car speed, with Scherer holding a small lead, with Mills still persisting with outside line.

On lap twenty seven with Scherer opening up a commanding lead, and seemingly having the race in his control, suffered a flat right tyre, handing the lead to the defending Champion.

Mills had a six car length advantage over Jarrod Peacock with thirteen laps remaining, but Peacock was not going to be content with second. Peacock systematically closed the gap on Mills, and with ten laps remaining the pair were side by side for the lead, which last lasted for the next six laps, with a thrilling conclusion in store.

Mills would hold his nerve in the concluding stages, becoming the first driver to successfully defend the title since Stephen Laidlaw in 2003. Jarrod Peacock would finish a gallant second, while Kev Young would hold off Brett Barron for third, with the pair fighting for third for the final fifteen laps. Maddi McGee drove a brilliant race to finish fifth after coming from the B Main, while Richard Cook, Malcolm Kernke and Craig McAlister would be the only other drivers to finish.

The C Main and B Main would both be thrilling encounters, with the C Main going flag to flag.

Mills was exhausted after the race, which was run in high humidity at the Maryborough venue.

A Main, 40 Laps: 1. A1 Trevor Mills, 2. Q115 Tim Atkin, 3. Q23 Adrian Stott, 4. Q9 Joel Berkley, 5. Q3 Brad Scherer, 6. Q53 Jarrod Peacock, 7. N21 Damien McAlister, 8. Q15 Josh Arthur, 9. Q48 Brett Barron, 10. Q24 Chris Pagel, 11. Q51 Richard Cook, 12. Q71 Kev Young, 13. Q2 Jeff Pahl, 14. Q5 Nick Cook, 15. N33 Craig McAlister, 16. Q4 Malcolm Kernke, 17. Q11 Josh Harm, 18. V31 Stephen Laidlaw, 19. Q38 Maddi McGee, 20. Q47 Steve Jordan
1. A1 Trevor Mills, 2. Q53 Jarrod Peacock, 3. Q71 Kev Young, 4. Q48 Brett Barron, 5. Q38 Maddi McGee, 6. Q51 Richard Cook, 7. Q4 Malcolm Kernke, 8. N33 Craig McAlister (39 laps), 9. Q3 Brad Scherer (26), 10. V31 Stephen Laidlaw (25), 11. Q47 Steve Jordan (17), 12. Q9 Joel Berkley (15), 13. Q24 Chris Pagel (14), 14. Q11 Josh Harm (14), 15. Q115 Tim Atkin (14), 16. N21 Damien McAlister (10), 17. Q23 Adrian Stott (8), 18. Q15 Josh Arthur (5), 19. Q2 Jeff Pahl (5), 20. Q5 Nick Cook (5). Time: No Time, Winning Margin: 1.493, Fastest Lap: 16.627 Q115 Tim Atkin