by | Feb 23, 2021 | SSA Production Sedans, VIC, WA

Images by V&J Parker Speedway Photography and Peter Roebuck

Two Time National Champion SSA Production Sedan Champion Trevor Mills enjoyed a solid return to racing at the Wangaratta Speedway on Saturday Night aboard the Tritech Lubricants backed Holden Commodore.

Mills withstood the enormous amounts of pressure thrown at him by firstly Ray Ussher and then Brendon Harper in the twenty five main event for the Burson’s Wangaratta Production Sedan Stampede.

Johnny Ralph drove a great race to be third when the chequered flag fell ahead of Ussher and the ACT32 of Craig McAlister.

In the West Barry Rose survived a torrid night of racing at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway to win the 2021 Collie Championship from Tom Wilde and veteran Graeme Rafferty.

Barry Rose

This coming weekend promises to be a bumper weekend for SSA Production Sedans with both the QLD State Title at Rockhampton and WA State Title at Moora being held at opposite ends of the country.

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Official Results

2021 Burson’s Wangaratta Production Sedan Stampede A Main, Twenty Five Laps- 1. G10 Trevor Mills, 2. W58 Brendon Harper, 3. M49 Johnny Ralph, 4. W98 Ray Ussher, 5. ACT32 Craig McAlister, 6. L56 Justin Hawkins, 7. CR14 Chris Fitzgerald, 8. ACT37 Sean Alessi, 9. L12 Jamie Atkin, DNF WSC16 Alex Cheney (15), ACT67 Mat D’Annunzio (14), CR19 Jack Bear (12), ACT4 Doc Bailey (4)

2021 Collie Championship A Main, 20 Laps- 1. W181 Barry Rose, 2. W111 Tom Wilde, 3. W54 Graeme Rafferty, 4. W49 John Castagna, 5. W41 Rickie Nuccini