by | Jul 6, 2022 | SSA Modified Sedans, WA

Image by Jon Gall Photography.

A solid field of Modified Sedans will be apart of the 35th Annual Far Western Championships to be staged this Saturday at the Oakley Earthworks Shark Bay Speedway in Western Australia.

Remarkably no former winners of the event are entered with the Gascoyne region well represented by Shark Bay locals Michael Ricetti, Jim McGiveron & Dave Harrower along with Carnarvon competitors Jarrod Rick, Kim Jolly & Glenn Harper.

Experienced competitors Shane Dubberlin & Adam Houston will look to finish on the podium along with Production Sedan standout Ashley Baker who grew up racing in Shark Bay.

Proceedings get underway from 9am with over one hundred entries received across all the classes racing on the day.

Nominations (11)

W3 Shane Dubberlin
W8 Adam Houston
W11 Ashley Baker
W13 Jimmy McGiveron
W15 Kim Jolly
W18 Dave Harrower
W47 Jarrod Rick
W48 Brenden Higgs
W67 Michael Ricetti
W79 Tom O’Driscoll
W111 Glenn Harper

Previous Winners of the Far Western Championships in Modified Sedans

2000 Mick Ricetti
2001 Richard Nelson
2002 Mick Ricetti
2003 Travis Jackson
2004 Fish Telenta
2005 David Ellement
2006 Shane Brittain
2007 Shane Brittain
2008 John Purser
2009 Wayne Allan
2010 Paul Briggs
2011 Mick Johnson
2012 Graeme McSweeney
2013 Richard Nelson
2014 Jason Pearce
2015 Jason Pearce
2016 Blake Watson
2017 Clint Noakes
2018 Rick Musarra
2019 Mick Reynolds
2020 Rick Musarra
2021 Jayke Malcolm